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The 2012 Transworld Halloween and Haunted Attraction show is coming up March 8, 9, and 10th in St. Louis Missouri. Once again the team behind THE DARKNESS, one of the WORLD'S best haunted houses, is creating the best haunt tours you will experience this year. This is the FORTH year opening our haunted houses for the tradeshow, and this will be the biggest tour we've ever produced.


Not only will you get to experience one of the best, most detailed haunted houses in the World THE DARKNESS and the best 3D haunted house TERROR VISIONS but we are also offering THE HAUNTING OF LEMP BREWERY and for the first time ever a ZOMBIE PAINTBALL HAYRIDE and tour RAVENS MANSION, our trailer haunted house to discover how trailer haunts are produced.


You might be asking yourself if our tour is worth attending again. If you own or operate a haunted house, the answer is YES! Our team builds million dollar attractions all over the World, and we spent hundreds of thousands to create new sets, special effects, animations and more within each of our attractions for this event. Our goal each year is to offer the haunted house industry an opportunity to experience things they maybe didn't even know was possible, and we’ve done it again this year!

The Darkness has had several scenes gutted for the addition of new scenes being created NOW, including one with the illusion of millions of zombies walking towards you, while hundreds of other zombies on the other side of you are breaking down doors to get at you, while zombies fly overhead too. It might be the most detailed room we've ever created with the most over the top effects we've ever attempted. The Darkness will also include a new scorpion cave, waterfall rope bridges, over the top animations, and overall detail second to none. Lastly, Terror Visions in 3D has been totally revamped with over half the attraction being rebuilt from scratch. Our goal with Terror Visions 3D is to show the industry that a blacklight haunted house can be as detailed as the best non-blacklight haunted house. The new Terror Visions includes the first ever motion ride simulator scene complete with digital fx, and several new rooms such as a funhouse complete with build out sets, CGI, animation, and much more. What we've done at THE DARKNESS and TERROR VISIONS 2012 is simply amazing!


We will once again open the Lemp Brewery Haunted House now under new name, THE HAUNTING OF LEMP BREWERY. This new attraction includes a CGI preshow with the ghost of William Lemp giving the back story, while the scenes inside play up the ghostly history of the Lemps. Are you ready to take the plunge several floors underground into real caves and caverns under the old brewery build over 100 years ago? Lemp is documented as one of the most haunted places in America and now prepare yourself for a real ghost encounter at the all new THE HAUNTING OF LEMP BREWERY!


Lastly, we are offering a partial tour of Creepyworld which includes a lights-on walk through of our trailer haunted house, RAVENS MANSION, where Rich Strelak, the industry trailer-haunt expert, will be on hand to answer questions about how to build them, pass safety codes, and everything you'll ever need to know. While there, the team from Fear Fest will run a haunted hayride with live zombie actors, where YOU the GUEST will get to shoot paintballs at ZOMBIES and experience firsthand ZOMBIE PAINTBALL HAYRIDE!

Log onto our website at for all the details and to purchase tickets. We hope you choose to attend the biggest haunted house tour of the year and learn new ideas for your haunted house. New for 2012, THE DARKNESS Behind-The-Scenes tour will also include a FOAM CARVING DEMO inside The Darkness workshop.

Again, log onto for all the details. We also invite you to follow along with the renovation process by viewing hundreds of pictures and videos at our new Facebook tour page here:


Lastly, we want to inform you we've lowered the prices for all guests who purchase their tickets in January... so BUY NOW and save! We hope to SCARE YOU SOON!

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