Haunted Houses During Christmas - Find Haunted Christmas Attractions

Sat, December 13, 2014
Haunted Houses During Christmas

As you know Hauntworld.com is the WORLDS biggest directory for all things SCARY - SPOOKY - CREEPY and HAUNTED!  Now many haunted houses are opening for Christmas tweaking their shows and adding a Christmas theme to their already scary attraction.  We are providing an article and story about haunted houses open during the Christmas season.  All of these attractions can be found on our haunted house directory.  Look at the state they are located then search that state for that haunt then visit their website.  Happy Christmas from Hauntworld.com

The doors are open, but will they come?  That’s the question haunted attraction operators are asking about the potential for guests during the upcoming holidays.  Christmas is an annual festival celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.  It’s a time for family and friends to gather and exchange gifts and merriment, but is it a good time to scare the hell out of people?  That’s what at least 36 haunted attractions around the country are about to find out.
Kelly Collins, ScareAtorium Columbus has noticed for many years that movie theatres, bowling centers and family entertainment centers are packed with customers on Christmas day and the weekend afterwards.  College students come home, parents are off work and kids are out of school.  People are looking for entertainment.  Seven movies are scheduled for release this coming Christmas day, because studios know that people will be looking for entertain during the holidays.  So, why not haunted attractions?   

Kelly and his crew have decorated the ScareAtorium and created holiday characters with a special theme; Happy HorrorDays, an Xmas Nightmare.  Guests will be greeted by Scary Claws, Bad Santa, Krampus and a collection of Evil Elves.  We’ve spent several weeks adding festive decorations throughout both attractions; the Northland Asylum and RIP’s Funhouse in 3D.   New scripts have been written and costumes were purchased just for the weekend of December 26, 27 & 28.  Holding the event after Christmas means we aren’t competing with Christmas shopping or parties.
Now we’re hopeful for fair weather; last year we had average weather on Friday and the crowds were great, but on Saturday, a snow storm hit with 4 – 6 inches of snow and business was really slow.   We’re hosting a major promotion with a local radio station with the hopes we can encourage guests to visit with their family and friends during the long holiday weekend.

Listed below are the haunts currently promoting holiday attractions in the US.  Special thanks to Charles Bremer at Designing Fear for the list of haunts (listed below in no particular order):
  1. The ScareAtorium, Columbus, Oh, Happy HorrorDays, An Xmas Nightmare
  2. Fright Manor, Indianapolis, IN, Slay Bells
  3. Castle Blood, Monessen, PA, A Spooky Little Christmas
  4. Moxley Manor, Bedford, TX, NightScare Before Christmas
  5. Cutting Edge Haunted House, Fort Worth, TX, Nightscare Before Christmas
  6. Brighton Asylum, Passaic, NJ, Santa’s Slay
  7. Dark Hour Haunted House, Plano, TX, Wreck the Halls
  8. Misery Haunted House, Little Chute, WI, Fright Before Christmas
  9. Kim’s Krypt, Essex, MD, Kim’s Kryptmas
  10. St Albans Scream-A-Torium, St Albans, VA, The Fright Before Christmas
  11. Scream Acres Ct, Covington, KY, Holiday Horrors
  12. Lombard Haunted House, Lombard, IL, Frightmare Before AxeMas
  13. Factory of Fear, Moline, IL, Frightmare Before Christmas
  14. The Sanctuary, Oklahoma City, OK, Santa’s Slay House
  15. Death Yard Haunted Attractions, Nashville, TN, Horrific Haunted Holiday
  16. The Massacre Haunted House, Montgomery, IL, Christmas Nightmare
  17. District of the Dead, Buffalo, NY, Holiday Horror
  18. Fright Kingdom, Nashua, NH, The Fright Before Christmas
  19. Fallsburg Haunted House, Fallsburg, KY, Yuletide Horror
  20. Macabre Haunt, Antioch, IL, Nightmare After Christmas
  21. Haunted Calgary, Salem, MA, Christmas Nightmares
  22. Great Horror Campout, Sherman Oaks, CA, Great Horror Holiday
  23. Spooktrail, Quinton, AL, A Haunted Christmas Maze
  24. Final Fear, Hamburg, NY, Holiday Horror
  25. Frightmare Manor, Knoxville, TN, The Frightmare Before Christmas
  26. Hallowed Grounds Mill, Hildebran, NC, Merry Krampus
  27. The Asylum Haunted Attraction, Chetopa, KS, Silent Night
  28. Necromanor Haunted House, Bossier City, LA, Krampus Kristmas
  29. Haunted Barn, Charleston, WV, Wreck the Halls
  30. Nightmare at 3008, Fultondale, AL, Nightmare Before Christmas
  31. Psycho Path, Ellisville, MS, A Very Scary Christmas
  32. Fear Overload Screampark, Sacramento, CA, Santa’s Scream Fest
  33. Terror in the Trees, Chillicothe, OH, Dash for Cash
  34. Chamber of Horrors, Hauppauge, NY, A Very Scary Xmas
  35. The Morgue Haunted House, De Pere, WI, Christmas at the Morgue
  36. Scared City Haunted House, Jonesboro, AR, A Christmas Haunt

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