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Arcana Haunted Experience presents the Mortuary Welcome to Simon Dark's Eternal Home of the Unrest Simon was once the friendly neighborhood undertaker, until death after death plagued upon him. Lost in his own madness, Simon secretly performed autopsies and experiments to resurrect the dearly departed. Unsuccessful in his efforts, his procedures have created heinous mutations which dwell within the walls of his mortuary. Should you choose to enter into Simon's world, you will be forced to play his games in order to exit. Alive. His game begins now. SIMON SAYS... BUY A TICKET!


44 W. Ferris Street, East Brunswick, New Jersey, 08816


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ABOUT "Arcana Haunted Experience"
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Arcana Experience. A real game changer. Our tagline says it all. Throughout the year, our themes will change as well as our games. The type of games will include scavenger hunts, puzzle games, escape games and live-action board games. Due to our movie quality sets our games will not be open daily. Each game is considered an event and will run for a limited time. All dates and times will be posted on our website and on our social media. We suggest becoming a part of our mailing list and social media family in order to experience all our fun and games. Those who join our family will get the breaking news about upcoming events, prizes and giveaways, special offers and discounts, including Arcana Haunted Experience. Arcana Haunted Experience is our fully immersive, interactive haunted experience which runs from Sept. 29th through October 29th, 2017. Visit our website for dates and times. Other than theme changes, Arcana Haunted Experience will be a main attraction every year. During our summer months, we offer hands-on workshops on a variety of courses, such as make-up and special fx make-up, set design and detailing, prop building and more. There will also be opportunities available, from time to time, when we are looking to employ talented individuals to assist us with our productions.

44 W. Ferris Street, East Brunswick, New Jersey, 08816


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