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The first story is that of a mother who had a baby that she loved very much. She was so delighted to have a child that she spent a great deal of time with the baby. Eventually, the child passed away. The mother was struck with immense grief. They buried the baby at the cemetery and it is rumored that she rarely left the grave. It came to pass that the mother passed away and was buried next to her baby. There are several accounts in which individuals who have visited the land that the graves are on have said that they see what appears to be a ghostly figure lingering around the small grave of the baby that was buried there. Imagine yourself walking through this dark cemetery in the midst of large trees projecting shadows over the graves and hearing the cries of a woman out of no where. As you turn to look around and to try to find the person who seems to be overwhelmed with grief, you find nothing. Believe it or not, many different people have actually experienced this in the cemetery. Not only have they experienced this, but many have claimed that there is a dog that lingers in the graveyard and it seems to project itself over the grave of the young, lost baby…. There was once a religious cult or sect that was referred to as the “Crabbites”. These individuals would often gather in their common religious belief and engage in a multitude of unusual activities. Many have claimed that the Stepp Cemetery was often the location that they met and indulged in the activities that they enjoyed. These activities seemed to have included skyclad, or nude rituals, the delicate handling of snakes, and even sexual activities that consisted of the whole group. In addition to this, it was believed that they spoke in tongues as a means of communication from their gods. Many have claimed that they have heard what sounded like chanting and may have even seen a spirit that may have been part of the group….
6220 Forest Road, Martinsville, Indiana, 46151

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There are several different stories that are circulating about this particular cemetery. Many individuals who engage in ghost hunting have claimed to capture some unusual phenomenon in this area. If you are interested in visiting a truly haunted cemetery, you should consider taking along some ghost hunting equipment. If you are interested in learning more, you should check out our information on ghost hunting equipment, types of haunting that ghost hunting. You will be pleased to note that you will learn everything that you need to know about ghost hunting in the haunted cemetery of Stepp. There are many secrets, legends, and more to uncover at Stepp Cemetery. If you want to uncover them and are searching for haunted places to go, this haunted cemetery is sure to entice your senses. Morgan-Monroe State Forest 6220 Forest Road Martinsville, Indiana


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6220 Forest Road, Martinsville, Indiana, 46151
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