Elmwood Cemetery is the site of the Battle of Bloody Run, an ambush by Chief Pontiac’s army on British soldiers. The bodies of fallen British caused the nearby creek to run red with blood, resulting in its present name. As one of Michigan’s oldest cemeteries, it’s known to be one of the best ghost hunting locations in Detroit.


1200 Elmwood Street, Detroit, Michigan, 48207

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Cemetery Tours Tours are available on a regular basis. The cemetery is steeped in history, art and natural beauty. Please join the hundreds of people each year who tour the Cemetery grounds. Recent tour participants included seniors, school and community groups, garden clubs, history buffs, religious organizations and special interest groups. We would be pleased to tailor a tour to your particular interests. Elmwood tours have been developed to explore specific themes, including: Michigan Governors, Michigan Senators, Detroit Mayors, Civil War Generals, Black Heritage Leaders, Underground Railroad, Memorial Art and Symbolism, and Detroit’s Who’s Who. Typically, our tours are held in all weather and are walking tours. Bus tours of forty individuals or less can also be accommodated. Advance reservations are required for all tours. Regular guided tours will be held May through October. Tour participants will learn the interesting stories of those laid to rest at Elmwood. There is a $5 per person tour admission charge, unless you are a member of the Historic Elmwood Foundation. Members receive free tour admission depending upon their level of support. One free admission is granted to members who donate $25-$99; two free admissions for members donating $100-$249; and donations above $250 permits free family admissions or the member and three guests. Proceeds benefit the Historic Elmwood Foundation. Please contact the office staff to arrange your tour. - Office Hours 9:00am – 4pm Weekdays 9:00am – noon Saturdays Closed Sunday Cemetery Grounds Access Hours WINTER October 1 – April 30 8:30am – 4pm Daily SUMMER May 1 – September 30 7:00am – 7:00pm Daily


1200 Elmwood Street, Detroit, Michigan, 48207

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