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Before the construction of Interstate 95, U.S. Route 2 was one of the most widely utilized thoroughfares by truck drivers hauling potatoes out of the State of Maine. This isolated stretch of road can be treacherous in the wintery months of New England and has one particularly sharp curve of nearly 90 degrees. Not only has this road become infamous as being one of the most haunted places in Maine, it also gained notoriety through a song written by a former truck driver who became a country singer and song writer named Dick Curless. The song is titled “A Tombstone Every Mile" and is in reference to the many fatal accidents that have occurred on this road. Given the fact that there have been so many sudden and tragic deaths occurring along this stretch of road, the numerous stories told by individuals who believe that they have seen an apparition or witnessed some other type of paranormal activity within this area is not at all surprising and may explain why this road is often referred to as one of the haunted places in Maine. The Ghosts and Legends of Haynesville Woods One of the most frequently told paranormal experiences by the locals is that of a young lady that has been seen either suddenly appearing out of no where in front of a vehicle or walking along the side of the road seeming to stumble or exhibit some difficulty walking. Many have reported offering this young lady a ride which she accepted stating that her and her newly wed husband had been in a car accident and were in need of assistance. Upon entering the vehicle some of those who have picked her up said that they experienced the sensation of coldness or a “chill” surrounding this woman. Upon nearing the end of what the locals refer to as the Haynesville woods, the lady seemingly has vanished into thin air. According to legend, this apparition is thought to be that of a young lady who was recently married and traveling with her husband down this road when the vehicle struck a utility pole. While the man died instantly, the woman managed to free herself from the vehicle where she lay in the snow only to perish some time later from exposure to the freezing cold. The other most commonly mentioned experience involves that of a female child. As is very similar to the reports of the newly wed lady, she is seen walking along the roadside and is offered a ride by some only to seemingly disappear after a short time. Some of the locals say it is the ghost of a young girl who was fatally killed by tractor trailer while walking along Route 2. While this exact story has not been confirmed, town records do reveal that two females who were ten years of age both died in Haynesville on the same day which was on the twenty second of August in the year of 1967. Whether or not this incident could be related to the sightings of the young apparition on Route 2 is not clear. One thing that is for certain is that this rural stretch of road located in northern Maine has gained the reputation as being one of the most haunted places in Maine due to the numerous reports of seemingly paranormal activity made by many individuals including some of the truck drivers who still travel along this isolated stretch of road.
Haynesville Woods, Haynesville, Maine, 04497

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Haynesville Woods, Haynesville, Maine, 04497
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