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Originally donated by a man by the name of Benjamin Parker Jr. in the year of 1769, Pine Hill Cemetery sits along the side of Pine Hill Road in the city of Hollis, New Hampshire. Several pass by this cemetery, not knowing the secrets that it hides. Here, I will take you on a tour down history lane into the Pine Hill Cemetery, or what many call “Blood Cemetery”. When Benjamin Parker Jr. donated the land that is now Pine Hill Cemetery in 1769, it was because of the fact that he had to sell his farm. The founding families of the area called for a need to have a local establishment where the dead could be laid to peace. This is part of the reason this man donated the land. Many of the people in the city at the time were laid to rest in this cemetery. There are several markers that have simply not survived the test of time and weatherization. The area where these markers were placed now stands bare, with no indication of who resides there in death. One particular individual by the name of Abel Blood is buried at the Pine Hill Cemetery. It is believed by many that this particular spirit is not at rest, and haunts the cemetery. This is how the dubbed name “Blood Cemetery” came to be. This man and his wife by the name of Betsy are buried side by side here. Several have accounted that the “Blood” family was murdered and that the spirit of Abel Blood roams the grounds trying to find his way home or possibly to locate his beloved wife. This individual appears to be one who served his community and his church well in Christian faith. It does not appear that he is out to harm, but that rather, he is lost. Several different relatives that belong to the Blood family reside in the Pine Hill Cemetery. Unfortunately, several of the markers no longer attest to the fact because they have simply withered away over time. However, those from very small children to those that are senior status in age remain in the cemetery. According to the documented dates of death, there does not appear to be any indication that a group of family members, or even two of them, were murdered. It seems as if everyone passed away in their own time, and in one natural way or another. However, several hold to the belief that Abel Blood definitely roams the grounds in spiritual form. There is another account of a haunting that occurs at the cemetery. This one is actually on the road that runs beside the cemetery and involves a young boy. It is believed that this child and his entire family were murdered in the era of the 1800’s. Unfortunately, there is not a lot of information concerning this particular family, but it is believed that they may have been murdered in their home, somewhere close to Pine Hill Road and the cemetery itself, and then buried in the cemetery. Several people have claimed that they have seen this young child attempting to flag down vehicles for assistance, and when they stop, the boy simply vanishes.
Nartoff Road, Hollis, New Hampshire, 03049

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Several individuals have visited the Pine Hill Cemetery on ghost hunting trips. Many are professional paranormal experts, and others are simply those interested in catching the paranormal on film, and documenting any evidence supporting the hauntings of the Blood family, and even the young boy who seems to be urging others who pass by the cemetery for assistance. Unique ghost pictures have turned up shadows, orbs, and other anomalies. In addition to this, strange sounds and static have been picked up on digital audio recorders. Unusual events and unexplained phenomenon, such as unexplained tree movements with no wind has been documented in what seems to be ghost videos. If you are seeking haunted places to go, the Pine Hill Cemetery, or “Blood Hill Cemetery” in Hollis, New Hampshire has a lot to offer. Nartoff Road Hollis, New Hampshire


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Nartoff Road, Hollis, New Hampshire, 03049
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