ABOUT "Devil`s Washbowl"
Sam Harris, also known as “The Pig Man” is the sad story of a boy age 17 that went missing in the hills Of Northfield Vermont in 1951. The night before Halloween October 30, 1951 Sam set out with eggs in hand for what he called Picket night, a night of mischief. The next morning when his parents awoke and found him missing, this set off a huge search party that lasted weeks and involved hundreds of locals over hundreds of square miles. Although never found it is said there has been sighting of Sam who some say became possessed by the devil himself that fateful night. Sam Harris is known to slaughter pigs and eat their entrails and hallow out the pig’s head and wear over his all awhile terrorizing the small New England town locals. Sam still today haunts the hills surrounding Devil’s Washbowl where they say he lies with the pigs and is also known for bestiality spawning half man half pig offspring.
Washington County, Northfield, Vermont, 05663

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Suitable for all guests and families (HALLOWEEN FUN)
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Washington County, Northfield, Vermont, 05663
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