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The cemetery, a.k.a. the Glowing Graveyard, is the center of several local ghost stories. For one, the headstones, as you may guess, are said to glow at night by the light of a full moon. Skeptics say this is because of the reflective limestone in the headstones. Another local legend tells of an accident on the adjacent bridge in which a bus full of children overturned, killing everyone. The legend goes on to say those who cover their car with talcum powder and drive over the bridge will see small hand prints all over the car.

North of Columbus
Shell Creek, Nebraska, 68601

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This graveyard is located way out north in the boonies of Columbus. Supposedly on a full moon the headstones are supposed to "glow", but most believe that this is just the cause of the limestone in the rock being reflected by the moon. Right beside the graveyard is a bridge in which according to a myth a bus full of kids rolled off the bridge and died. Supposedly if you put powder all over your car and drive over it in neutral you can see the hand prints from children, or if you turn your car off in the middle of the bridge, your car won't start again. The cemetery in this legend is actually listed as Saint Patricks Cemetery. It is located north east of Columbus, Nebraska. There is, in fact, a small river that runs directly beside the graveyard along with a small wooden bridge. The bridge looks big enough to support a bus, however there is an 11 ton limit. If a bus went out of control, it could easily crash through the guard rails and fall into the water below, but no hard evidence can be found to support this claim. St. Patrick's Cemetery - Glowing Graveyard was investigated by Spook Hunter from Spook Here is what they found. I was the first to enter the graveyard, and I happened upon a fresh grave of a young girl that had passed not a week before. It is very tragic. Upon the hill I turned my gaze upon the whitest tofu looking gravestones I had ever seen (bringing the total number of tofu looking gravestones to an even 1). An intoxicating color I had not even thought existed. Very nice indeed, and they seemed to glow in my camera flash, so I guess they could seem to glow in a bright full moon too. That is something far from anything paranormal. It's just light reflecting off the white statues. While in the graveyard we took all the normal readings, like EVPs, EMFs, and temperature readings. None of which turned up anything of interest. The only anomaly in anything is the pictures to the right taken seconds apart. There seems to be and 'orb' in it one, but not the others. Proof of a ghost? Judge for yourself. After about an hour in the graveyard, we now turned our attention upon the bridge where the children supposedly died. We drove across the bridge a couple times and then parked it in the middle. We shut our engine off, and I made sure that everyone in the car who believed in this stuff said it out loud. i then turned the key started up like a rental should. We quickly drove on across the bridge because it was old and wooden and people were coming in another car. When I got out to take some more pictures I noticed a huge "new SpookHunter" sized hand print in the dust. Haunted? hmmm. I'm thinking more along the lines of wishful thinking. Plus, that would have to be a pretty big ghost to create a hand print that size. The sun was just starting to set, and we all were hungry so we returned to our hotel for dinner. After dinner we were supposed to return to the graveyard since it was dark, and continue the SpookHunt, but I noticed a lightning storm to the west. I tried to convince everyone to go storm chasing and they all said yes, except for Greg. A true dedicated SpookHunter, he reminded us that SpookHunting comes first! So, we hustled to the now easy to find glowing graveyard and pulled up to the north gate over a pitch black graveyard. The sky was continuously parted by heat lightning to the west. We park and get out of the rented SpookHunter transport vehicle and I got set up for taking lightning photos before I entered the graveyard. The others got out and walked up to the graveyard gate. I got a beautiful shot of some purple bolts as new SpookHunter Stephen takes the rest of the equipment into the graveyard. A few moments later I hear Stephen, Carlos and Robert "SCREAMING" and what one could only describe as them being a bit upset. They make a mad dash back to the minivan...I mean back to the rented SpookHunter transport vehicle. They started up the van and the headlights automatically come on. Needless to say, the headlights over expose my photos, so I pack the camera up after only about 10 minutes. They are visible shaken and afraid and protest that they will not stay here another minute. So I jump in and insist that we drive thru the graveyard. Once I am safely inside they tell me what they have seen. Greg didn't see it, but the other three did. It was moving from right to left about 20 yards away. It "stood", nay, floated a foot and a half above the graveyard turf. They tell me it looked like a candy bar wrapper floating from right to left. This is what they run from?!?! They don't think to take a picture of it, they don't go after it, they panic and wiggle off into the rented SpookHunter transport vehicle!!! It is then I see a strange light in the graveyard. Its a red floaty light. You can see the picture here. Some sort of light on a tombstone. Obviously it is not paranormal, but I can not help but wonder if this is also one of the 'glowing gravestones'. A mere shred of truth mixed in with pop-culture legends and half true facts. If you're ever in Columbus Nebraska, and find yourself with nothing to do (that's not a stretch or the imagination there), I think it's worth a short drive to this cemetery for the fresh air, lightning storms, and beautiful headstones. I really enjoyed it all, however I don't believe it's haunted. Just memories of those buried here.

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