ABOUT "The Bonaventure Haunted Cemetery"
In the early years of the land that now serves as a cemetery there was an immense plantation constructed there. This home was owned by the well liked Josiah Tattnall, Jr. This man was known for the social functions that he held at his estate, and well liked among the citizens that lived in the area. One night, the immense mansion caught fire. In today’s cemetery, many individuals who have visited the area state that the dinner parties still seem to occur. These individuals can hear the voices of people socializing, and having a good time. While professional paranormal experts believe that this is simply a . residual type haunting, which means that it is like an energy recorded in time, these occurrences still frighten the visitors of the haunted cemetery. Interestingly enough, as if normal ghosts were not enough for this haunted cemetery, there seems to be a pack of dogs that roam the grounds – only they are not living dogs, but real ghost dogs! I can assure you that this is a frightening experience for many who have encountered them! Many who have come close to these creatures state that they cannot actually been seen, but that they are heard relatively well. It is not uncommon for growls that are vicious in nature to be heard or even terrifying barks to be experienced. Many have felt as if the spiritual dogs actually chase them through the cemetery – though there is no physical evidence, they feel it and can hear the sounds of running vicious dogs coming behind them! There is one particular plot in this haunted cemetery that pulls at the hearts of all who visit it. It is from little Gracie Watson’s grave. It is here that a statute stands in her memory. It seems that some have experienced hearing the sounds of a female crying, and sense a high level of sadness in the air. Many have observed the statute and have actually observed tears that resemble blood falling from the eyes of the statue. As you can see here, the trip to this haunted cemetery is definitely worth it!
330 Bonaventure Road, Thunderbolt, Georgia, 31404
(912) 651-6843

Ghost Tours

Suitable for all guests and families (HALLOWEEN FUN)
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The cemetery is located at 330 Bonaventure Road in Thunderbolt, Georgia 31404. There are Ghost Tours that visit the cemetery or you can visit yourself. One of the Ghost tours that you can read about on Hauntworld.com is called Tour Bonaventure or Blue Orb Tours.


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330 Bonaventure Road, Thunderbolt, Georgia, 31404
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