ABOUT "Woodrow Wilson House"
Woodrow Wilson was elected President of the United States in 1912, was re-elected in 1916 promising to keep the nation out of war, led the nation through World War I, and left office in 1921. At 2 AM on September 26, 1919, while traveling to Wichita, Kansas, on a nationwide speaking tour to win public support to pressure the Senate into ratifying the Treaty of Versailles, Wilson collapsed and, after cancelling the rest of his speaking tour, was rushed back to the capital by train. His condition worsened on the journey, and upon arriving at the White House on October 2 the President suffered a life-threatening stroke that left him permanently paralyzed on his left side and blind in the left eye. Although the President lived, he was confined to bed for two months, seen only by his wife, a few close associates, and his physicians.[90] From December 1919 to April 1920 Wilson required a wheelchair.[89] Wilson attended his first Cabinet meeting in April 1920, but for the rest of the year his mind continued to wander, his memory was marred, and he tired easily. By March 1921 (when he left office) Wilson was able to walk short distances with the use of a cane (and with a valet close at hand). The extent of Wilson's disability was kept from the public until after his death on February 3, 1924.[91] President and Mrs. Wilson purchased a large home at 2340 S Street NW, to which a number of modifications were made (including the addition of an elevator). Woodrow Wilson received few guests in his last years, and died in his third floor bedroom on February 3, 1924.[88] His wife, Edith Bolling Galt Wilson, lived in the home until her death on December 28, 1961, and willed the home to the National Trust for Historic Preservation to be made into a museum honoring her husband. In the decades since her death, staff and visitors at the Woodrow Wilson House claim to have seen the President's ghost sitting in his rocking chair, heard the shuffle of a man walking with a cane, and heard a man sob.
2340 South Street Northwest, Washington, District of Columbia, 20007

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Suitable for all guests and families (HALLOWEEN FUN)
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2340 South Street Northwest, Washington, District of Columbia, 20007
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