ABOUT "Bowman Haunted House "
DESCRIPTION Located in south-central Vermont, Bowman Mansion is a large estate, including a family mausoleum Laurel Glen Cemetery, all of which was originally built and owned by a wealthy farmer, Tanning Magnate John P Bowman. Because Mr. Bowman thought of the future, he left a substantial endowment in his will to keep the mansion and grounds in tip- top shape. Visiting Bowman House is like stepping back into the 1800s, making it a favorite of people who are interested in hiThe story of the era, and love old houses, and take the tours of the Bowman House, now a museum. On the grounds across the road from the Bowman house, John P. Bowman, out of grief for his dead family, built the Laurel Glen Mausoleum in 1880, specifically to hold the remains of his wife and children, including a life-size statue of him, flowers in hand, walking up the steps in grief. His kneeing likeness can also be seen outside the door, holding a wreath and key. Mr. Bowman hired 125 sculptors and stonecutters, who spent more than a year to complete the unusual granite and marble mausoleum, completed in 1881. HISTORY OF MANIFESTATIONS Tragedy hit the Bowman family in 1880, as Bowman's wife and children died in an unknown matter. Perhaps an outbreak of typhoid or some other disease killed his family, or they suffered some sort of accident; (horse buggy, etc.) or attack, as there was a mysterious dark spot (blood?) found at the top of the stairs, which gives sensitive visitors unpleasant feelings. MANIFESTATIONS: 1) An apparition of an unknown woman, perhaps Mrs. Bowman, has been seen throughout the mansion, going about her business. Perhaps she died before she could complete a long list of chores to do, and she can't let go of this world because she died before she was ready. 2) Visitors who stand at the top of the staircase on a darkened stain, experience uneasy feelings of "forbodence and dread." Perhaps this stain is connected to the family deaths. While visiting the mansion, one must mind his or her manners, as misbehavior will sometimes be dealt with. A young visitor who was taking a tour of the mansion with her family, stuck her tongue out at a picture, which then came off the wall and hit her, in full view of several people. Children need to be corrected and if parents won't do it, an unseen presence in this house, perhaps Mrs. Bowman will gladly step in and provide this parental service! STILL HAUNTED? Yes indeed. No one alive is allowed to be there at night, so the presences there can enjoy their house. There is a haunted house book shop on the grounds of the Bowman House, as the unseen residents have obviously inspired interest in ghosts.
Highway 103, Cuttingsville, Vermont, 05738

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Suitable for all guests and families (HALLOWEEN FUN)
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Highway 103, Cuttingsville, Vermont, 05738
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