ABOUT "Pete's Tavern "
Back in the far back of Pete's is a room called the "Cave". Its an old section of the building used as a speak-easy during the Prohibition days. The thick wooden door still has the metal sliding peep-hole used to see who was at the door before opening. Its called the Cave now due to the remodeling that was done many years ago to make it look like an actual cave. The walls and ceiling are rough and molded to represent carved rock and stone. In the Cave there is another bar that runs the length of the North wall, decorated with wooded carved facings and even an etched jolly-roger (skull and cross bones). Behind the bar is a collection of old pictures and artifacts from the previous owner of the bar, Pete. Two beer taps are still on the wall and fully functional for special parties and events. But that's not what makes the cave so interesting. Its all of the spirits that reside there! TIPS has done several investigations in the Cave and have always gone home with MANY EVPs. We have recorded 4 distinguishable and separate voices from the Cave. One is an older male that says only one word, and very grumbly sounding to boot. Another is a female with a southern accent, who doesn't like her butt pinched I might add. The third is another female who only whispers and its hard to make out what she says. And lastly but not least by any means is a younger male, late 20's early 30's who loves to talk. This person / entity talks to me every time we are there. In fact, some of the responses I have gotten from this person is in real time, in context with my statements, and conversational! The room will get very cold and you'll feel the presence of things move near you and around you. The spirits in the Cave love to play with hair, touch your back and legs and move cold air past you. They whisper in your ear and will even tap on the bar to get your attention!
11 12th Avenue South, Nampa, Idaho, 83651
(208) 466-9280

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Suitable for all guests and families (HALLOWEEN FUN)
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Pete's has a past that goes on forever and ever. Its the best place in town to stop in for a beer, chat with the locals and regulars, trade a few jokes with Gary and get suckered into a very short game of pool with KC (he's a shark, watch out!). Sit back, enjoy the atmosphere, and listen and watch for the spirits that reside inside. Pete's Tavern is located in Old Town Nampa, Idaho on 12th Ave, just North of 2nd. Stop in and say hello to Gary and Linda, and tell him we sent ya - In historic downtown Nampa, Pete's Tavern can be found in the middle of 12th Ave South, between Front Street, to the north, and 1st Street, to the south. 12th Avenue South intersects with Front Street, where Canyon County Historical Museum is located, making it an easy walk to Pete's Tavern.


Pete's Tavern PHOTOS

11 12th Avenue South, Nampa, Idaho, 83651
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