ABOUT "Apocalypse NJ: Live Zombie Laser Combat"
Apocalypse is a live action zombie kill experience. You and your team will use advanced laser weapons to fight off zombie hordes. This is not a video game, it’s a real-life interactive walk through. Apocalypse is a completely new form of entertainment. You choose your team. You pick your weapons. Then, after you’re trained — the onslaught begins. You will be immersed into a city overrun by zombies! Check your corners as you travel through the desolate wasteland. Aim for the head as you pick off zombies one by one in your fight to stay alive. Get infected by zombies and you lose. Teams of 4 are sent into the apocalypse. If you do not have your own team you will be put with one. Your weaponry will be full weight, metal body replicas of real-world M4 Rifles. These are the same weapons that are used to train military and SWAT personnel. Pull the trigger for a real recoil, bang, and muzzle flash. These one-of-a-kind weapons will keep you alive and immerse you into your favorite action video game as you fight off zombie assailants. Time slots and tickets are limited. Get your tickets now!
630 West Mount Pleasant Avenue, Livingston, New Jersey, 07039
(973) 369-7677

Escape Rooms

Suitable for all guests and families (HALLOWEEN FUN)
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630 West Mount Pleasant Avenue, Livingston, New Jersey, 07039
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