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Find Corn Mazes in Washington by city, zip code or area's of Washington such as Seattle, Bellevue, Spokane, Tacoma, Vancouver, Everett, Yakima, Bellingham, Kennewick and small towns and communities through and around the state of Washington. Corn Mazes are essential to most small farmers business and create amazing family experiences. Farmers across America have created corn mazes, hayrides, zip lines, to pick your own pumpkin patches. These amazing family friendly fall festivals have become one of the staple events most families experience each fall. Hauntworld helps you find all the corn mazes and Halloween events where you live! Prepare to get lost in the maze in Washington
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Haunted House in Seattle, Washington - The Georgetown Morgue - Scariest and Best
Find the best and scariest haunted house in Seattle, Washington, The Georgetown Morgue. rates and reviews one of the best haunted houses in Washington. The Georgetown Morgue is the complete attraction!  Click here and read all the details about one of the Seattle, Washington area's biggest and scariest haunted attractions.
Maris Farms in Buckley, Washington - 884 Views  
The 2014 season at Maris Farms opens on Saturday, Oct. 4th with one of its “biggest” promotional ideas ever as well as one of its “biggest” maze themes ever - the “Sasquatch” corn maze! Our radio partner – XYZ – will be sponsoring the BIG FOOT/BIG VALUE promo that opening day Saturday, when all who visit the farm wearing a BIG FOOT costume will receive 7 tokens (valued at $1 each) to be used toward any of the following “pay-for” activities at the farm – corn shooters, pumpkin blasters, paintball safari, trout fishing, pony rides and camel rides. The tokens cannot be used for the Monster Truck, zip lines, food or concession stands or to pay for pumpkins. The Harvest of Terror kicks off its season that evening with the Monster Safari and its now infamous Haunted Woods. The Monster Safari – now in its third season – is a zombie thrill-kill attraction where patrons ride a militarized bus outfitted with 40 paintball guns on a half-mile long coarse shooting at live zombies, monsters and other targets as well as dealing a few zombie tricks along the way. The Haunted Woods is a creepy walk through the corn and forest with several actors, sets and around-the-corner scares to terrorize its visitors during their 35+ minute experience. You’ll also enjoy a plentiful selection of gourds in the pumpkin patch and may enjoy a free hayride, weekend entertainment and some great food (roasted corn, turkey legs and juicy burgers and an unbelievable chili/frito/cheese/onion combo). And you will never come to Maris Farms without their being something different from the previous season to experience…. What’s New this Year? Trout fishing, BIG FOOT/BIG VALUE promo, barnyard ball zone, camel rides, Pumpkin Smash and plenty of new thrills and chills in the Haunted Woods and Monster Safari.

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Stocker Farms in Snohomish, Washington - 481 Views  
A family-owned farm providing local produce, fall activities for families such as corn mazes, pumpkin park & U-Cut Christmas Trees. Be sure to look for the big red barn and join us!!

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Beck's Harvest House Maze in Colbert, Washington - 462 Views  
Farming has been a Beck family tradition since Gustof Beck started farming in Valley, Washington in the 1920’s. He had two sons Leo and Willard, both boy’s farmed cattle and alfalfa their whole lives until retiring in 1980. Leo’s son Gordon left the family farm and pursued a career in construction in the 1970’s but could not shake the desire to farm and when the opportunity arose in 1983 to move to Greenbluff and start his own orchard he made the move. Gordon’s son Todd left the farm in 1992 after graduating from high school to pursue a degree in Business and Marketing from WSU and planned to pursue other job opportunities. As nature begins to change her palette from the greens of summer to the fiery reds and yellows of fall, residents throughout the Northwest flock to Green Bluff. Many a Saturday there are lines going up Bigelow Gulch headed to Beck’s Harvest House for Friendly, Family, Farm Fun!!!! We hope you will join us for some fun!!

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Find the best Corn Mazes in Washington, located on farms near you!  Corn Mazes have fast become one of the best ways to celebrate the fall every Halloween.  Farmers across America have turned to corn mazes to pick your own pumpkin patches, Halloween hayrides and Halloween events that include attractions like face painting, face painting, pony rides, inflatables, Halloween hayrides, and places you can go and pick your own pumpkins in Washington. 

Most farmers who have opened these massive corn mazes have create more of a Halloween attraction which have become destinations for both locals and people who drive for hours to experience them.  Corn Mazes are created by farmers using GPS mapping out the maze, then farmers plant the corn, and finally once it starts to grow they pick the corn on the maze trail.  Guests get lost in the corn for hours and have fun with both family and friends each Halloween.

Each Halloween hundreds of Halloween events for kids open each year in Washington.  Do you want to pick your own pumpkins and bring the kids where Washington pumpkin patches includes other events like hayrides, corn mazes and more?  helps you find simply the best and spookiest Halloween family fun in the state of Washington.  Farmers across Washington have turned their family farm into massive Halloween events where guests are allowed to pick their own pumpkins, corn stalks, while having a fun Halloween Experience inside one of Washington's biggest and best Halloween Attractions. Corn Mazes have become a staple attraction inside these mega Halloween Attractions in Washington where farmers create detailed patterns in a corn field and guests must find their way through the maze of corn.  Additionally one of the new traditions inside these Pick Your Own Pumpkin Patches in Washington is the hayride where guests board a wagon and farmers pull you around spooky sets. 

Many of the biggest and best Halloween Attractions will include things like face painting, food, bounce houses, Zip Lines, Mud Runs, Halloween photo opportunities, elaborate Halloween Hayrides, and the ability to pick your own pumpkins and produce all wrapped around a themed Halloween Farm.
Halloween Attractions in Washington are huge over the top Halloween Family Fun for everyone no matter if you are looking for a Washington Corn Maze, or Halloween Pick Your Own Pumpkin Patch in Washington  is the single best source to find everything Halloween this October we want to help you locate all the best Halloween events in and around the Seattle, Bellevue, Spokane, Tacoma, Vancouver, Everett, Yakima, Bellingham, Kennewick, Washington areas.

Some Halloween Attractions in Washington will feature a haunted house for kids in Washington and or simply a haunted house.  Many of these Halloween Attractions in Washington will run daytime family oriented Halloween Attractions during the daytime and haunted houses at nighttime.  Make sure you check their website to find out of the daytime events is different than nighttime events just in case you have young children.  Haunted Houses in Washington on family farms are simply put another way for farmers to earn additional revenue which in turn helps keep the family farm from going under.  Try to support your family farmers and visit their Halloween Attractions instead of taking the easy way out and visiting some mega retail store to purchase your pumpkins. Grab your family video camera and head out to a Halloween Corn Maze in Washington, and get out there and pick your own pumpkins in Washington.

Another new TYPE of attraction featured at many corn mazes and pumpkin patches are these zombie paintball hayrides, where guests get to shoot and kill zombies from hayrides.  Zombies roam the fields of an old farm and you armed with paintballs blast away killing as many zombies as you can find!  Lastly many farmers have embraced the concept of MUD RUNS, ZOMBIE RUNS, and different kinds of themed races.  You should really look at these farmers attraction often because they feature so many different kinds of events all year long. Your local farms are now a lot more than farms from pick your own pumpkins, zip lines, mud runs, zombie races, paintball hayrides, to pony rides and more.

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