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Find the scariest REAL HAUNTED HOUSES in Minnesota including haunts in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Rochester, St. Cloud, Hastings, Thief River Falls, Duluth, Minnesota. Hauntworld helps you find supernatural happenings across the state of Minnesota especially attractions that allow people to find ghosts, investigate, and go on ghost hunts. Minnesota features some of the scariest real haunted houses, graveyards, hotels, prisons, abandoned buildings, and scary attractions.
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Haunted House in Minneapolis Minnesota - Best and Scariest Haunted Houses Dead End Hayride
Minneapolis Haunted House Dead End Haunted Hayride is the biggest and scariest haunted house in Minnesota and Hauntworld will take you on a journey to learn all the details about the biggest haunted hayride in the area.  Click here and read all the details.
Real Ghost Tours in Minneapolis, Minnesota - 2841 Views  
Explore the supernatural among the ghosts and legends of Minneapolis' original and only real ghost tour. Not only a great look at the history of St. Anthony Main and its ghosts, but we even provide yo... [Read more]

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Wabasha Street Caves in Saint Paul, Minnesota - 2189 Views  
As seen on the History Channel, Down In History Tours offers a unique alternative to the typical tour. Our theme tours are narrated by knowledgeable and talented guides who make history fascinating a... [Read more]

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Thayer’s Haunted Bed and Breakfast in Annandale, Minnesota - 1652 Views  
The most haunted Bed and Breakfast in Minnesota is said to be the Thayer’s Bed and Breakfast. This establishment is located in the town of Annandale. It has also been listed as one of the “Top 10 Best... [Read more]

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First Avenue Night Club in Minneapolis, Minnesota - 1295 Views  
Once Greyhound Bust Station, it has been said that several homeless people have died here. In particular, one teenage girl allegedly hanged herself in stall five of the women�s restroom. IT has been s... [Read more]

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Mantorville Opera House in Mantorville, Minnesota - 969 Views  
The Mantorville Opera House has been visited many times by different paranormal investigators, all with varying results. The fact that teams keep coming back tells me that there is something worth inv... [Read more]

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Fitzgerald Theater in Saint Paul, Minnesota - 943 Views  
The Fitzgerald Theater is committed to programming that reflects the audience and mission of Minnesota Public Radio. This 1,000-seat theater acts as MPR's largest broadcast studio, with airwaves reach... [Read more]

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 Real Haunts of Minnesota

The First Avenue Club
The First Avenue Club is a Minneapolis landmark and one of the city’s most popular dance clubs.  First built in 1937, the building was originally a Grey Hound Bus Depot that offered weary travelers a modern travel center that offered public telephones, showers, and air conditioning.  Today, the First Avenue Club is a Minneapolis hotspot that where patrons can enjoy dancing, drinks, and concerts from up-and-coming bands. 

However, the club is also known as one of the most haunted places in Minnesota.  Given the vast number of people who have claimed to see apparitions and paranormal activity, it’s hard to dismiss the reports.  Allegedly, a young woman hung herself in one of the stalls in the women’s restroom and she now haunts the club, appearing as entity with long blonde hair wearing a green jacket.  Several patrons and staff members have claimed to see the ghost, including one female club-goer who claimed the ghostly entity appeared to her in the bathroom, where she showed the patron how she hung herself in the fifth stall of the bathroom.  Other reports include equipment from the stage being mysteriously thrown around and the D.J.s hearing strange, unexplainable sounds coming from their headsets.  People have also reported seeing dancing apparitions with no legs on the dance floor.

Loon Lake Cemetery
Located just south of Lakefield, Minnesota, Loon Lake Cemetery is an abandoned, remote graveyard that hasn’t seen a burial since 1926.  Legend has it ever since, the cemetery has been haunted by a handful of ghosts, including three accused witches who were buried there during the mid-1800s.  The cemetery is so secluded and dilapidated, there is no longer a road that leads to it and those who visit (typically ghost hunters and thrill-seekers) must traverse rather treacherous ground that’s swampy and overgrown with thick vegetation.  Many of the headstones have inexplicably vanished – there were once 67 but now only 18 remain, only adding to the mystery of the Loon Lake Cemetery.

The Last Turn Saloon
During the 19th century, two Native Americans were dragged by a group of angry townspeople to the center of downtown Brainerd, Minnesota.  Accused of raping and killing a young white girl, both were hung in front of a popular bar known as the Last Turn Saloon.  A few years later, a local townsman confessed to the heinous deed.  To this day, the tavern still stands and late at night, people have reported hearing the faint sounds of Indian cries and the beating of drums apparently originating from the bar.


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