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Find the scariest REAL HAUNTED HOUSES in Montana including haunts in Billings, Missoula, Great Falls, Bozeman, Helena, Kalispell, Havre, Miles City, Montana. Hauntworld helps you find supernatural happenings across the state of Montana especially attractions that allow people to find ghosts, investigate, and go on ghost hunts. Montana features some of the scariest real haunted houses, graveyards, hotels, prisons, abandoned buildings, and scary attractions.
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Old Montana Prison in Deer Lodge, Montana - 390 Views
The first Prisoner became resident to this place in 1871 and the last prisoners were taken to the new prison in the late 1970`s. The Old Monatana Prisons now Stands as a museum to law enforcement. However this place had been in use through the 1800`s for many brutal outlaws of the times. The gallows room has many strange sounds and a cold presence. The hole is a small subchambered room with intense cold and four or five small cells, one in particular, first one to the left, is very cold and has a foul odor, with a evil threatening presence, and people have been known to be pushed back up the stairs trying to leave the room as if to keep them going much faster than they are moving. - See more at:

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Montana Fun Adventures Tours in Billings , Montana - 286 Views
Billings was a pretty lively town in the old days. There were shooting, robberies and hangings. Some of those events lead to underground tunnels, a floating bar during prohibition, and a haunted historic hotel. How does a Ghostly Face on the Rimrocks, a Boothill Cemetery and an Indian Burial Ground site become part of the 7th Cavalry legend?

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TC Power Mansion in Helena, Montana - 204 Views
The Power Mansion is a mammoth stone structure on the Westside, at 600 Harrison Street that has been reported by many as being haunted. It was built in 1891, of rose granite by millionaire Thomas C. Power. It is immense, more of a castle than a house, and always seems vacant, although you can see furnishings inside, like a tall-backed chair and a statue of the Virgin Mary. Behind the Mansion, the large carriage house is currently being used as an architect's office.

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Dude Rancher Lodge in Billings, Montana - 195 Views
The Due Rancher Hotel is haunted by a ghost named Annabelle. If you're brave, stay in room 226! Many that have reported seeing a eerie shadow about the size of a person cross in front of the window - on the 2nd floor!

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