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Find the scariest REAL haunted houses in West Virginia including Charleston, Huntington, Parkersburg, Wheeling, Morgantown, Beckley and many more cities across West Virginia. Hauntworld helps you find ghost tours, paranormal investigations, haunted hotels, prisons, and any type of real haunted house that is an attraction. Are you looking for the scariest place to spend the night or a place to find real ghosts in West Virginia? has the largest data base of real haunts to haunted attractions. When you are trying to find strange places to investigate in West Virginia, the scary, the supernatural Hauntworld is your place. Remember to share your experiences on each profile at the bottom of each page is a Facebook box please leave a comment.
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Home to thousands of mentally ill people, this asylum in Weston, WV, opened in 1864. Also known as the Weston State Hospital, the asylum was originally designed to house 250 beds, which grew tremendously over the years. At times, resident numbers peaked at 2,400, which lead to overcrowding, extremely poor conditions and infrastructure deterioration. Due to this, the asylum closed its doors in 1994. -

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Opened in the early 1900s, the historic hotel is believed to be haunted by many ghosts. The most well known may be the apparition of a beautiful and disheveled young woman seen dancing on the mezzanine between floors 1 and 2. There are also rumored to be many other ghosts here, including the ghost of a toddler riding a tricycle on the second floor, the ghosts of a maid and a sea captain on the third floor, and a phantom string quartet that can be heard in the fourth-floor ballroom.

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The small town of Harpers Ferry in West Virginia has a long bloody past that is reflected in the amount of paranormal activity that happens there. Welcome to The Ghost Tours of Harpers Ferry!!

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"Unlike most of the people who've previously walked through the gates of the West Virginia Penitentiary in Moundsville, you can be fairly certain you'll be walking out again a few hours later. The imposing Gothic structure was first opened in 1876, but closed in 1995. It's seen riots, fires and the execution of nearly 100 prisoners through either hanging or electrocution. These days, the only things it sees are much better behaved visitors. You can take a tour of the grounds and see the rows of cramped 5 ft.-by-7 ft. cells during the day; for braver souls, the penitentiary also offers midnight tours, followed by the chance to kick around inside the prison on your own until 6 a.m. Overnight visitors are allowed to bring their own food, so there's no need to trade your boyfriend for a Snickers bar."

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The Capitol Plaza Theatre, now known as the West Virginia State University Capitol Center Theatre, has a twisted history that leads to the makings of the perfect ghost story.

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Old Stone Presbyterian Church Cemetery located in Greenbrier County in Lewisburg West Virginia is one of the top 15 most haunted places in West Virginia.

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A wide variety of ghosts and haunted activity is claimed about this hotel with the hard to pronounce name. Allegedly there is a man in grey who haunts the second floor and this floor is also where the elevator makes frequent, unplanned and unasked for stops. Is the Grey Man calling the elevator? Also reported are a crying woman ghost, allegedly the ghost of a woman killed by a runaway driver in the front entrance of the hotel and a young boy has been spotted as well.

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Lake Shawnee Haunted and Abandoned Amusement Park in WV. A 1950's and 60's amusement park were people have died. One was a little girl, who was ridding the swings when a delivery truck got to close.

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The Greenbrier Ghost

The Greenbrier Ghost refers to the popular name given to the ghost of a young woman in Greenbrier County, West Virginia who was murdered in 1897. 

Elva Zona Heaster, known as Zona, was born in Greenbrier County sometime around 1873, though little is known of her life up until she met a drifter named Edward Shue in 1896.  Not long after Shue came to town to work as a blacksmith, the two fell in love and married despite objection from Zona’s mother, Mary Jane, who did not like Shue. 

The couple lived happily for a short time but at the end of January, 1897, Zona’s body was discovered lying at the foot of the stairs, with her feet together and one hand on her stomach.  Her body was found by a young boy who had been sent by Shue to run an errand to the house.  After the boy ran to tell his mother, the local doctor and coroner were beckoned, though they did not arrive for nearly an hour. 

By the time the doctor and the coroner had arrived, Shue had taken his wife’s body upstairs to the bedroom and dressed the corpse in a veil and a dress with a high, stiff collar.  Since the job of prepping the corpse for burial was traditionally done by the women of the community, the doctor and coroner found the behavior unusual but thought nothing of it.  While the coroner examined the body, Shue remained near the corpse, sobbing and became violent when the coroner tried to examine the body more closely.  Subsequently, the doctor and coroner quickly ended the exam and left the house.

When Zona’s mother first heard of her death, she allegedly said, “the devil has killed her.”  Zona’s cause of death was initially stated as “everlasting faint” but was later changed to childbirth, though it is unknown whether or not she was pregnant at the time.  Zona was laid to rest on January 24, 1897.  During the funeral, Shue began to raise suspicion when his behavior turned from overwhelming grief to an intense, bizarre energy.  He would let no one come very close to the coffin and sandwiched her head between two pillows so she could “rest easier.”  Furthermore, Shue tied a scarf around her neck, exclaiming that it had been her favorite.  When the body was moved to the cemetery, guests noticed a strange looseness about the neck.

Mary Jane was convinced her daughter had been murdered by her husband.  When she removed a sheet that had been placed inside Zona’s coffin during the funeral, she tried to give it back to Shue but he refused.  She noticed a strange odor to it so she took it home to wash.  When she dropped the sheet into a basin of water, the water turned red, then the sheet turned pink and the water became clear again. 

Mary Jane took this as a further sign Zona had been murdered.  She began to pray every night for weeks that Zona would return to her and explain what had really happened.  Legend has it after four weeks, the ghost of Zona appeared to her mother and said that Shue had been a cruel man who abused her and had broken her neck.  The ghost supposedly visited Mary Jane over the course of four nights.  Mary Jane claimed that the ghost turned her head in a full circle to prove that her neck had been snapped.

After being visited by the ghost of her daughter, Mary Jane spent several hours convincing the local prosecutor that Zona had indeed been murdered.  Coupled with the rumors floating around town that Shue had killed Zona, the prosecutor had enough doubt to reopen the case.  After interviewing several people, the prosecutor discovered the coroner had failed to do a complete exam on the body, so it was exhumed and an inquest jury was formed. 

An autopsy of Zona’s body found that she had indeed been murdered - her neck had been broken, the windpipe was smashed, and ligaments had been torn.  In addition, finger marks and bruises along her throat indicted that she had also been choked. 

Given the evidence and his behavior after her death, Shue was arrested and charged with the murder of Zona.  Shue was found guilty and sent to prison.  The case of the Greenbrier Ghost was a very late example in American legal history in which the alleged “testimony of a ghost” was accepted at a murder trial, since it took place at the very end of the 1800s.


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