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Hauntworld - Halloween 2013 Looking to 2014
Sun, November 03, 2013
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Fright Fans we have a lot of scream about... Hauntworld peaked at around 16,000 more popular website on the web, reached over 9 million people, and was the hands down biggest haunt directory on the web in 2013.  Hauntworld's facebook also reached over 102,000 likes and overall we helped haunted houses all over the World find new customers.

Hauntworld thanks everyone who used our website to find information about the Halloween and Haunted Attraction industry.

Looking forward to 2014 many things are fast approaching such as the 2013 IAAPA (Amusement Park Show) coming in November visit their website at for more details. This is the biggest amusement park show in the World and has many incredible vendors, products and more for the haunted house industry.

Soon there after in Houston the Halloween and Party show Featuring Hauntcon January 23-28th which will include haunt tours and more but keep in mind this show is mostly a Halloween retail show.

Hauntworld Magazine should debute its first issue in Jaunary 2014 so grab your subscription NOW at

The the event everyone is waiting for the biggest event of the year in St Louis March 20-22, 2014 the Transworld Halloween and Haunted House Tradeshow which will feature over 100,000 square feet of animations, props, special fx, masks, costumes and so much more.  Also during this show the Darkness haunted house will open its door ... its the biggest haunted house tour every single year!  Learn more at or for the tradeshow event.

Keep the dial tuned to for all the exciting news!
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November 1st and 2nd - Find Haunted Houses NOW
Fri, November 01, 2013
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Almost every single major haunted house across America is still open through this coming weekend.  Continue to find haunted houses here at near you!  Additionally has many listings for haunted houses open year around as well and keep checking back with year around for updates about haunted tradeshows, conventions, haunt tours and much more. will help you find everything you need or want Halloween to Haunts to Pumpkins... look for new and exciting updates coming Spring 2014.  Happy Hauntings and find a haunted house near you last weekend for most haunts!!!  There are many upcoming events that Hauntworld will have the lastest news such as the Transworld Halloween and Haunt Show, IAAPA International Amusement Park Show, New Vendor Products, The Darkness Haunted House Tour, Midwest Haunters Convention and so much more.

Happy Hauntings

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Trick or Treating Safety Tips 2013
Wed, October 30, 2013
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Provides Parents with Halloween Tips to make Trick or Treating safe and fun!

Trick or treating can and has been dangerous for some children if they do not take safety serious.  We know trick or treating because hey our staff tricked and treated until we where 16 years old and now we take our kids.  So make sure you take all of these tips serious and ensure your kids have a safe and very spooky Halloween.  If you have tips you'd like to offer please let us know!  Also do NOT forget to visit your local Halloween Attractions and Haunted Houses.  Be sure to visit the front page of to find haunted houses by state, simply look for the front page map and find a haunt near you.  To find pumpkin patche go to


1)  Do not have your kids wear a costume that drags on the ground. Kids can trip on their own costumes.

2)  Have kids wear a glow necklace or bracelet while they trick or treat.  Have each of your kids wear a different color glow necklace so you know which one is which and who you might be missing.

3)  Parents bring a flash light.

4)  Do not walk in the street stay on sidewalks.

 5)  Wear shoes that fit like tennis shoes.  Do not wear high heels.

6)  Make sure any masks have clear eye holes and have clear breathing holes.  Have the kids double check that they can see and breathe before using at night.

7)  Walk do not RUN!  You'll get there you have all night!

8)  If your kids bring props such as a knife or sword make sure they are flexible not hard or sharp. 

9)  Bring water or gatoraid in case the kids get thirsty. 

10)  If you plan to trick or treat far from your home make sure you park the car somewhere you can remember.  Sometimes you can trick or treat for hours in a strange subdivision and bam you have no clue where you are and the kids are tired.  Here is a tip... trick or treat up and down a street then jump in the car and drive over to the next set of streets.  Keep the car close to where you trick or treat.

11)  Do not walk up to houses that do not have lights on. 

12)  For the greedy kids, if you are one of the last ones out the houses will give you more candy to get rid of it!!! True!  I know I've done it!  It works!  But make sure you don't trick or treat much past 9:30pm to 9:45pm.

13)  Eat before you go out to trick or treat also make sure everyone goes to the bathroom.  Demand they do the bathroom thing before you move!

14)  Make sure Adults accompany the kids and again bring a flashlight. 

15)  Make sure any costume you buy is flame retardant.  Remember those pumpkins out there with candle fire!  Some costumes go up in smoke in seconds!  Make sure your childs isn't one of them!

16)  Stay away from homes with barking animals.

17)  Bring home the haul and eat every bite after its been inspected by a parent! is your home for everything Halloween and Haunted Houses. Have a safe and Happy Halloween! 

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