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Haunted Houses Scariest and Best Haunted Attraction in Your State?
Mon, April 15, 2013
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Hauntworld has reset all of its polls for voting on the best and scariest haunted house in your STATE!  Who has the best haunted house?  Who has the scariest haunted house?  Now you can vote on each state page to let America know who has the best and scariest haunted houses in your state.  Hauntworld helps people all over the WORLD find and locate haunted houses near you by city, state, or zip code.  Over 2000 haunted houses are listed on our website and now you can vote for your favorite.  So tell us with our votes who has the scariest haunted houses in your state!  Find a haunted house in your state and look for the poll near the top of the page.  Hauntworld will rank and list the best haunted houses in 2013.  

Most haunted houses will open this year in September Friday the 13th, 2013.  Keep following to learn about the latest haunted house news, events, and happenings.  

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Evil Dead Reivew - Haunted House Horror Movie
Fri, April 05, 2013
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Evil Dead the remake is out and in theaters and your friends who know Horror better than anyone in the WORLD is here to rate and review the movie.  Evil Dead is one of the greatest ICONIC 80's horror movies of all time. The first movie was a low budget horror movie directed by Sam Rami now famous for everything but Horror Movies!  But back then he was doing with he loved HORROR MOVIES... Evil Dead II was essentially the same movie as Evil Dead with a bigger budget.  The Third movie was Army of Darkness which was mostly a comedy three stooges type of film with Horror elements.  And now decades later we see an all new Evil Dead a re-launch of the original with a new cast and a new direction.  Does it stand up to the original?  This film has been marketed as the scariest movie you will ever see.  Does it stack up to the original or does it live up to its claim as the best scariest horror movie of all time.  Well a hard core haunted house owner will be the judge!!!  So Read on my friends! 

Question: Is it as good as the original (EVIL DEAD II)

Answer: NO!

Q: Is it any good at all?

A: Yes its okay. Its a ten times better attempt than the last Texas Chainsaw. But it loses its charm because it has no real comedy to it, they clearly try to be a hardcore horror movie. The movie is almost like hey I've already seen this before even though you tried to make changes with very OBVIOUS change ups. Meaning we saw that coming a 100 miles away... by not having the comedy element I think it wasn't Evil Dead.

Q: Was it the scariest movie of all time?

A: NO NO WAY! I didn't jump once. I didn't really hear many people in the crowd jumping either. So NO WAY not even close... yes they tried to be more realistic than the originals, and they had some slick make up, cooler special fx, that kind of goes without saying. I'm sure some people will get scared watching it but I think its more of a nightmare movie. What I mean by that is all the people who turn into demons look like real demons and they could haunt the right people later.

Q: Was it a good movie for haunters to see?

A: Yes it was many creepy little sets, cool gross stuff happening, awesome make up, blah, blah!

Q: Is there a scene after the movie is over?

A: Yes and no. No there isn't... but yes there is. So if you want stick around and watch until after the credits are over. You might be disappointed you did but on the other hand you won't miss anything if you don't. Now you are probably really scratching your head. huh?

Q: Should this movie get a sequel?

A: Yes and No! If the new ash is the person they play it out to be the answer is EVIL DEAD NO WAY! If someone how they write this up where Ash comes along HELL YA! All I can say is this in closing BRING ASH BACK PERIOD!

They talked many years ago about Ash vs. Freddy vs. Jason and when it didn't happen, they did a Comic Book. Ash is a cult icon and Evil Dead without Ash to me anyway just isn't Evil Dead. Bring back Ash or then this movie was just that another attempt to re-launch a long lost horror franchise from the 80's. Lastly I would say that yes this is probably the best attempt yet to re-invent an old 80's horror franchise but without the main character that made the movies ICONIC at least for me it just doesn't work! Call the movie anything else other than EVIL DEAD and I would have liked it much more!



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Haunted Houses, Halloween and Horror Movie Show in Orlando May 2013
Thu, March 21, 2013
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Haunted Houses Across the Nation get ready for the Halloween Extreme in Orlando Florida may 24-26, 2013.  Are you ready for an event that combines haunted houses, horror movies, zombies, seminars and everything between?  Then get ready for a new show called Halloween Extreme!  The show is being produced by Transworld the same company who produces Halloween and Haunted Attraction tradeshow in St. Louis.  The show will be much different than what you've seen with the traditoinal haunted house tradeshows.  This show will mix haunted houses with zombies with horror movies to everything Halloween.


Some of the special events include Haunt Prop Display Contest, Weird Exhibits, Local Haunted House Tours, Pumpkin Carving Contest, Haunt Exhibiters, Show Floor Demo's, Seminars, Panel Discussions, Kids Trick or Treating on the show floor and even a massive Zombie Prom!  Additionally there will be celebrities signing autographs, appearances by special guests and so much more. 

This is the event for all haunted house and Halloween fans alike!  Haunted Houses, Halloween, Horror Movies and so much more in Orlando Florida! 

Learn more at

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