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The Darkness Haunted House Tour 2012
Wed, July 04, 2012
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The Darkness Haunted House was showcased during the 2012 Haunted House tradeshow in St. Louis.  Finally the crew from The Darkness came through with a video of the event.  The Darkness Haunted House is one of America's best haunted attractions featuring custom animation, live actors, and over 30,000 scream feet of sheer terror.  The Darkness also upgaded their World Famous Terror Visions 3D haunted house with all sorts of new animations and 3D special fx.

Next year the haunted house show will be back in St. Louis, hopefully with all new haunt tours as good as the Darkness.  Haunted Houses across America are set to open in less than 2 months so hopefully this video will help get everyone excited about the upcoming haunted house season.

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Midwest Haunters Convention - Haunted House
Thu, May 17, 2012
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Midwest Haunters Convention is fast approaching June 8 - 10, 2012 in downtown Colubmus, Ohio.  MIHC is one of the best haunted house conventions where both haunted Halloween fans and owners of haunted houses come together for a fun screaming good time.  MHC will features several haunted house tours, haunted house seminars, and vendors who sell products for haunted houses to home haunts. The event will also include a pre-show haunt tour of the scariest haunts in Michigan include the World Famous Erebus, Realm of Darkness, and even some haunts from the Ohio area.  This is a can't miss event if you love the haunted house industry.  Learn more now at


If you own or operate any type of haunted house, Halloween Attraction to even a pumpkin patch you will find MHC to be the last stop prior to the upcoming Halloween season. 


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Tue, May 01, 2012
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Announces its first course:
ROBERT KURTZMAN - Legend/Director/Producer
Robert Kurtzman has been an icon in the world of special make-up, creature effects, and genre filmmaking for almost three decades. His films and award winning, photorealistic effects creations have won him legions of fans around the globe.
As Co-founder of the Emmy and Academy Award winning K.N.B. EFX Group Inc. (Kurtzman, Nicotero, Berger) and Precinct 13/Creature Corps, he has created stunning special effects make-up and creatures for such films as: From Dusk Till Dawn, Wishmaster, Dances With Wolves, Spy Kids, Army of Darkness, Hostel, Scream, City Slickers, Pulp Fiction, The Devil’s Rejects, Misery, Reservoir Dogs, John Carpenter’s In The Mouth Of Madness, Cabin Fever, Evil Dead 2, Bubba Ho-Tep, The Hulk, and many more.
Now, Robert is opening the doors to his state-of-the-art facility and giving students first hand access to decades of genuine Hollywood experience. Learn from top notch instructors with proven experience in courses covering all aspects of the make-up effects industry, including: Sculpture, Mold Making and Casting, Life Drawing, Hair and Beards, Airbrush Techniques, Human and Animal Replicas, Suit Fabrication, Animatronics, and Special FX Props. In addition, students get real world experience, working alongside respected professionals, in a fully functional film and effects studio during the course of their instruction, providing a truly unique educational experience.
Approved by
The Ohio State Board of Career Colleges and Schools
Registration No.12-03-1985T
For complete course and enrollment information, please visit:
What made you want to create your own art school and what makes the KIA / Creature Corps Make-up FX training program different from other schools?
Kurtzman: “Over the past 8 years since P13/ Creature Corps was launched we’ve worked on a wide array of film, television, and music video productions, not only on the effects side of things, but entire productions have been produced through our studio. During this time we’ve had numerous up and coming artists as well as internship students from dozens of schools and colleges come through the studio. Some of them had taken effects courses at other schools, and although these artists were very talented, we found ourselves retraining them on some very basic effects techniques that should have been covered at these other schools. We get calls every week from people wanting to know if we have a training program. Since we’ve had such a demand for artists looking for a real hands-on learning experience we put the program together. The Make-Up and Character Design course is the first of several courses the Institute will offer over the next several years. What makes the KIA / Creature Corps program different is that the students learn in a real effects studio environment. They learn the latest techniques using up to date materials, and participate in a 200 hour hands-on internship program working on actual effects productions in films, television programs and commercials, music videos, and haunted attractions, giving them real life experience before ever graduating from the course.”
Robert Kurtzman at IMDB
KURTZMAN INSTITIUTE OF ART, Creature Corps Special Make-Up & Design
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