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2012 Halloween and Haunted House Tradeshow
Mon, December 26, 2011
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Transworld's 2012 Halloween and Haunted House Tradeshow is coming fast ... on March 8, 9, and 10th prepare yourself for the biggest haunted attraction event of the year. There will be zombies, animations, monsters, props, masks, supplies, Halloween costumes, to even insurance, inflatables, ticketing agencies, to every single thing between.  Are you looking for whole entire haunted houses or companies to detail your haunted house?  Transworld Haunt Show in St. Louis Missouri will be the place for you to find everything haunted house and Halloween.

To register for the show visit

The show will also feature the biggest and best haunted house tour of the YEAR as several World Class haunted houses will be toured including The Darkness, Terror Visions 3D, The Haunting at Lemp Brewery and a Paintball Zombie Hayride plus experience a trailer haunted house for the first time.  To learn more about all the haunted house tours visit



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Haunted Houses 2012
Mon, November 21, 2011
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The haunted houses season has come to an end with most haunted houses closing including the year around haunts found in tourist towns like Niagara Falls, Branson and more.  Year around haunted houses typically open back up in Spring and the mass majority of haunted houses open in September and October.  Haunted Houses had another great year despite the economy however some haunted houses around the midwest suffered some lower attendance but mostly revenue was up due to price increases.  Many haunted houses around the East Coast was hit with early snow fall and lots of rain cutting into attendance.  Haunted Houses are mostly flat in attendance increases due mostly to rapid growth over the past 5 to 10 years hitting peaks in overall attendance.  Most Haunted Houses are trying to maintain attendance while growing revenue through price increases, speed tickets, and merchandise.  

Many haunted houses are now building their brand nationwide through national TV shows, or simply through national press.  Haunted Houses across America once again enjoyed coverage on tv shows from Weather Channel to Travel Channel to even Martha Stewert Show.  Haunted Houses have become the new traditional way to celebrate Halloween.  20 years ago most people celebrated Halloween by carving a pumpkin, watching a scary movie and taking the kids trick or treating but today it starts with visiting a haunted house and ends with adult costume parties typically the Saturday prior to Halloween and finally taking the kids out trick or treating. 

Most people assume haunted houses best nights are Halloween when in fact Halloween and the weekend prior to Halloween is a drop off in business.  Most haunted houses best weekends are 2 or even 3 weeks prior to Halloween.  The deeper you get into Halloween the more competition Haunted Houses have for customers attention which would include Halloween Parties, Trick or Treating or even visiting a Pumpkin Patch. saw its biggest increase in web traffic in its history attracting nearly 5 million visits to the website in 2011.  More and more people want ot use a website like to find, review, rate and preview several haunted houses in their area before making that ultimate choice on which haunted houses they want to visit.  We also saw a HUGE increase in customers traveling far distances to find and visit haunted houses.  Travel around the country to visit haunted houses is now a hobby for thousands upon thousands of Americans which is why so many of the best haunted houses in America are building their brands nationwide if not World Wide.

Now we have Halloween 2012 to look forward to but before we get to the 2012 Haunted House season we have many events coming up within the industry.  Some of the biggest events for haunted house owners are Transworld's Halloween and Haunted House Show in March 2012 at the St. Louis America's Center.  Further down the road we have Hauntcon in May 2012 this year being held in Pittsburgh and Midwest Haunters Convention once again being held in Columbus, Ohio June 2012. 

Hauntworld is the best place to find all of your haunted house news, information and located the biggest and best haunted houses in America and the WORLD. added many new features to our site to help our guests get the best haunted house information and 2012 will be even bigger and better.

Thank you from to using our site to find the best haunted houses in your area, across America and around the World.

Haunted Houses are now one of the biggest forms of entertainment and 2012 will be the biggest haunted houses season ever.


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Upcoming Haunted House Tradeshows
Fri, November 11, 2011
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Haunted House Industry has several very important tradeshows coming up and it all starts with the 2011 International Amusement Parks and Attractions tradeshow (  The IAAPA show is about 700,000 square feet of entertainment products, rides, services, equipment and much more.  Many haunted house vendors will display at the 2011 IAAPA Show which takes place November 15th through 19th in Orlando Florida.  If you miss the 2011 IAAPA show you are simply missing the biggest amusement tradeshow in the entire WORLD!  Buyers and vendors from around the World will attend the show including every amusement park owner to your local haunted house and attraction owners.  For more information visit


Additionally it's time to start making plans to visit the 2012 Transworld Halloween and Haunted Attraction Tradeshow in St. Louis March 8th through the 11th.  Find everything from Halloween retail to animations, zombies, to special effects of all kinds.  If you own a haunted house you must attend this show which will also include haunted house tours, parties, seminars, education, events and much more.  To learn more visit

More details coming soon on all haunted house tradeshows, events, seminars, haunt tours and more. is the source for all things haunted! 

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