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Universal Studios Announces Mazes for 2014
Mon, August 11, 2014
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Universal Studios will add several new mazes for the 2014 season including a maze based on the new Purge Movie, Walking Dead TV Show, even a maze based on Face Off TV Show.  Other mazes include From Dusk to Dawn and Alien vs Predator which sounds odd considering its more science fiction rather than horror!  Universal is also releasing a new movie this October based on the origins of Dracula so as expected there will be a maze based on that movie as well.  Universal has really set the bar for Halloween attractions as each Halloween season you can expect something new and different.

Many haunted houses across the country are also planning new bigger and scarier haunts.  Although Universal has an event that is on a level almost no one in the amusement industry can achieve believe it or not many of the independent haunts such as Netherworld, The Darkness, 13th Gate and many others are more sophisticated, more elaborate, and without a doubt scarier.  With that being said the haunt industry as a whole is clearly set on path of bigger, better, scarier, more interactive, and never ending changes which create a new bar which all haunts aspire to achieve.

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The Scariest Haunted House in Cleveland Ohio is Fear Experience!
Tue, July 29, 2014
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Cleveland, Ohio's - The Fear Experience Haunted House

By Hauntworld Magazine


Ohio Haunted Houses are some of the scariest and best in America! rates and review the best and Scariest haunted houses, haunted attractions, and Halloween events in America!  The Fear Experience is located in Cleveland, Ohio and has one of the scariest haunted houses in America!  Prepare to scream!  Sit back and prepare to scream through our review of The Fear Experience. This Halloween you can't miss the scariest and best haunted attraction in the entire state of Ohio, The Fear Experience. Their attraction features some of the scariest actors, crazies scenes, and amazing set design. Now sit back and read all about the best haunted house in the the Cleveland area, The Fear Experience. The Fear Experience is by far Cleveland Ohio's best haunted house and scariest haunted attraction and now rated and reviewed by  The Fear Experience features five different attractions in the same location and we will review the biggest, best and scariest haunted house in Cleveland Ohio.

To learn more about Ohio's The Fear Experience visit their websit below:



From a backyard haunted house to tackling one of the toughest markets in the country, The Fear Experience has had to evolve to stay ahead.  Their team has brought a new standard of quality to the Cleveland market which has captured people’s attention.  In 2011, the attraction was voted best in Cleveland, in 2013 it was named “Northeast Ohio’s Premier Haunted House” and in 2014, the haunt set the stage for an internationally recognized music video.  

The Fear Experience began years ago when the owners were just 12 and 15.  Owners Max Simon and Nick Francis (now 19 and 22) are cousins and have been building haunted houses since they were kids.  They first worked together in 2007 when Simon helped Francis operate an extensive haunted house Francis had constructed in his garage & backyard.  They both had a passion for all things haunted and combined they became unstoppable.
Back then, the duo decided to build a massive home haunt and enter a national competition hosted by Good Morning America. They began building in the summer of 2008, and by fall they were putting the finishing touches on an elaborate 8,000 square foot attraction in Francis’s backyard.  “The haunt took up my entire yard; 7 years later the grass still hasn’t grown back,” says Francis.  “We spent days researching our favorite horror movies and haunted houses and tried to incorporate some of the ideas we liked.  The end result left our families amazed by the terror we created.  Nobody believed we could build something that impressive.”  

They hired a professional videographer to produce the video that would be submitted to Good Morning America for the haunted house competition.  “Our video received the most votes nationally but didn’t manage to win. We found out on Halloween and were incredibly disappointed,” says Simon. “It seemed like all our hard work was for nothing - that is until we opened our doors to the public later that night.”

In just three hours of operation, over 500 people came to their haunt.  Not bad considering it was in a residential neighborhood and they had no advertising.  At 10 pm, the police showed up and shut them down, but by then Francis and Simon knew they were onto something.  The two saw endless opportunity ahead.  Of course, they couldn’t keep running the haunt in Francis’s backyard, so that night the young entrepreneurs decided they would open a commercial attraction the next year.

Fast forward to present day and their commercial haunted house attraction, The Fear Experience, has taken the Cleveland market by storm. “It hasn’t been easy; Cleveland is competitive. Sometimes it seems there’s a haunted house around every corner and some have been around for over 20 years,” says Simon.  “But for us, the competition acts as a constant stimulus.”  

Francis adds, “We believe the only way to keep haunted house customers coming is to put on the best, scariest and most entertaining show in the market, and that is our exact focus all day, every day at The Fear Experience.”  Their dedication to excellence in haunting is unwavering.

The Fear Experience is located in a 90,000 square foot, retail location about half a mile from one of the biggest interstates in Cleveland.  The entire event is indoors, protecting its guests from Cleveland’s cold and rainy fall climate. Covered waiting has been a key differentiator in a market where most haunts are outdoors.  

The Fear Experience haunted house didn’t start off in such a great spot, however.  For the first few years the attraction jumped around to different temporary locations and the sets weren’t quite on par with what Simon and Francis wanted.  Simon commented, “We originally didn’t have the time, money or skills to build the kind of sets our customers enjoy today, but we always made sure our customers had a great time.  Instead, we crafted as many startles as we could and focused on making the show scary and entertaining. We knew we had a long way to go to achieve our goal… being the best haunt in the Cleveland market.”

A stroke of serendipity came in 2011 when Rick Thomas, member of internationally renowned band Mushroomhead, guest acted at The Fear Experience.  Thomas saw potential, “I could tell they were ready to take this haunt to the next level, and I knew I could bring the level of quality they needed.”  By this time, Thomas had been designing and building haunted houses for more than two decades.  Over the years he had acquired a lot of experience in set design and show production that would become an essential aspect of The Fear Experience’s rapid development.  Haunted houses have always been one of Thomas’s greatest passions along with music.  When he’s not touring around the world with Mushroomhead, he’s working day and night at The Fear Experience.  Thomas credits his love for building and designing haunted houses as his motivation to constantly make improvements to the attractions.  

With the addition of Thomas as lead scenic designer, the team brought a level of quality and realism that hasn’t been seen before in the Cleveland market.  The haunts feature large, grand scenes and realistic, horrifying environments.  The latest addition is a massive mausoleum style entrance that customers actually walk through to reach the box office.  Francis described the thought process around the project, “We wanted to build an entrance that would amaze our customers the second they walked in the door.  Now you’re not just waiting in line to buy a ticket, you’re walking through something you’ve never experienced before.  It’s probably one of the coolest sets we’ve built to date.”  

There’s another very practical reason for the new entrance.  Haunted houses have gotten expensive; it can easily cost $100 for a family of five.  Francis and Simon wanted to assure their customers, before they paid, that they made a great choice by coming to The Fear Experience.  The best way they could think to do that was to build an interactive scene right in the front door.  

The incredible new sets have opened doors to amazing opportunities.  Most recently, the band Mushroomhead chose to film their latest music video entirely at The Fear Experience.  The band thought the haunt would be the perfect place to shoot the music video for one of the album’s top tracks, Qwerty.  Mushroomhead’s new album, The Righteous and The Butterfly reached #1 on the Hard Rock chart and made the Billboard Top 20.  “We were really honored to have such a recognized and loved band choose our haunt to shoot this video.  It turned out amazing, we were blown away by the end result” says Francis.

Today, The Fear Experience features four haunted houses under one roof.  Each attraction has its own unique theme, but they are all tied together by one riveting, overarching concept.  The attractions reside in the city of Centralia, based off a real city in Pennsylvania that has a tragic and gripping past.  Centralia was once home to the largest coal mines in the United States but is now a ghost town.  In 1962, a few local residents accidentally started a fire in one of the mines and it’s been burning non-stop ever since.  The rampant fire has made the baron city uninhabitable and destroyed much of its infrastructure.  Centralia has also been the inspiration for a number of famous horror movies including Silent Hill.  

The latest addition to The Fear Experience, The Centralia County Fair, debuted in 2013 and was a crowd favorite.  The first half of this haunted attraction is designed like an outdoor fair.  It features a huge destroyed midway, a creepy back alley and rotten food truck.  The guests are then chased through a giant clown’s mouth into the circus section.  Although it has its fair share of clowns, the team at The Fear Experience wanted to do something more unique.  Their idea was to create a freak show and zoo that houses all of the circus’ sideshows.  All of the actors in this section are elevated above the customers’ heads, creating a very intimidating effect.  “The finished scenes terrify guests,” says Thomas Thomas “We designed each room with the actor in mind.  Actors can climb and jump around the rooms so quickly that people don’t know where a creature might pop out from next.”

When the team isn’t working on building new haunted house attractions, they’re working on marketing.  They want their marketing pieces to identify The Fear Experience as the go-to haunt in Cleveland.  Their first move was to hire one of the top horror photographers in the area, Blind 7 Photography also known as the “Godfather of Dark Glamour” to shoot their characters.  Simon commented, “We wanted to use real photos on all of our promotional pieces; we felt that type of realism would capture people’s attention.”  Another big step was their website,  The site was designed to be simple and easy to navigate with all the most relevant information right at your fingertips.  The site is also very mobile friendly. “We saw that about 50% of our traffic was coming from mobile devices and we knew our site needed to be just as easy to use from a phone” says Francis.  

Their website is not their only online presence.  The Fear Experience Facebook page has over 61,000 fans.  “That’s more than any other haunt in our market!” says Francis who manages the page. “I try to post and interact with fans daily.”  He strives to use Facebook to build real relationships with customers so that when haunt season rolls around, they know exactly which attraction they’re going to.  

Simon, Francis, and Thomas expect a bright future for The Fear Experience.  The three are dedicated to improving the show every year through additions, scenic development and constant innovation.  New, creative ideas fuel the changes made from year to year.  They want to provide each haunt guest with an incredible experience that they can’t get at any other Cleveland haunt or haunted house nationwide.  Their goal is for each guest to leave remembering at least a few very concrete things that scared or amazed them.  Francis and Simon closed by saying, “We will continue to bring true quality and the highest level production value to the Cleveland market.  Cleveland is a great town and deserves the best haunted houses in the world, and we want The Fear Experience to lead the charge.”  

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Scariest Haunted House in Salem Massachusetts Review
Tue, July 22, 2014
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Salem, Massachusetts - Hysteria Screampark At Connors farm

By Hauntworld Magazine

Massachusets Haunted Houses are some of the scariest and best in America! rates and review the best and Scariest haunted houses, haunted attractions, and Halloween events in America!  Hysteria at Connors Farm is located in Salem, Massachusets just minutes from Boston and is one of the scariest haunted houses in America!  Prepare to scream!  Sit back and prepare to scream through our review of Hysteria at Connors Farm. This Halloween you can't miss the scariest and best haunted attraction in the entire state of Massachusets, Hysteria at Connors Farm. Their attraction features some of the scariest actors, crazies scenes, and amazing set design. Now sit back and read all about the best haunted house in Massachusets, Hysteria at Connors Farm If you are looking for one of the best haunted houses in Boston Mass or Salem Mass look no further as Hysteria is located right between he two area's.  Massachusets features the town of Salem which is an entire Halloween themed tourist town with Witch Musuems, Halloween themed events and much more.  Each October visit the Salem area and make sure to tour Hysteria Screampark with five different haunted attractions.  Now read our entire review.

To learn more about Massachusets' Hysteria at Connors Farm visit their websit below:



It’s a crisp October night. The moonlight pierces the low hanging fog that clings to the cornstalks at Connors Farm in Salem, Mass.  Cold October nights have created this same eerie feeling every year since settlers first planted the fields on this farm in the mid 1600s.

Located in the Halloween capital of the world, Hysteria is the newest rising star among America’s haunted attractions. In 1692, Danvers was known as Salem Village, the center of the infamous Salem Witch Trials. Although the town fathers changed the name to escape controversy, the events that transpired on these grounds are forever etched into the historical records. Many believe that to this day, a curse still hovers over a remote area of Danvers known as Connors Farm. This sets the stage for Hysteria.

Hysteria’s mission is to help their guests create positive memories that impact them long after they leave the attraction.  This mission shapes the overall haunt philosophy and culture at Team Hysteria.  There are many moving parts within the haunt and every facet must come together in order to deliver a first-rate performance each and every night. A focus on high caliber acting, quality costumes, strong themes and detailed sets create a realistic, haunted experience for guests that is sure to keep them coming back year after year.

With over 50 acres of entertainment, Hysteria has something for everyone. The venue consists of 5 main haunted attractions with varying levels of intensity.  Guests can enjoy the family friendly Maze of Darkness, a walking tour through Hysteria’s historic “Burial Grounds” or immerse themselves in the extreme terror and over the top gore in The Fields attraction. Visitors can shoot zombies at Hysteria’s signature Zombie Hunt at Connors Compound or squeal and squirm at the sights and sounds of Madame Abattage’s Cirque du Dement travelling circus and sideshow.  
Hysteria’s management team is responsible for making sure every component of the haunt operates smoothly.  Brothers Bob and Pat Connors are co-owners of Connors Farm and together, they ensure each haunted house has a high overall production quality.  As heads of the leadership team, the Connors know it’s important to surround themselves with loyal, dedicated, enthusiastic people. The core management team is comprised of JC Fox, Operations Manager, as well as Creative Managers, Benjamin Selecky and Alexis Abare.  From brainstorming to problem solving, the haunt team works together to make sure all decisions are well thought out and continue to move the haunt towards the common goal: to help their guests form lasting memories by providing them with a first-rate haunted experience.

A frantic 911 call from a lost family at Connors Farm created a media frenzy.  It catapulted the popularity of their haunted attraction and jump started the evolution of Hysteria into THE premiere Halloween destination in Massachusetts.

Each fall, the Connors Family Farm turns part of their property into a themed maze where visitors come to “get lost.”  Connors Farm has been involved in the Agritainment industry for several years.  They expanded their daytime operations to include numerous family activities as well as pick your own apples and pumpkins.  Their fully stocked farmstand and country kitchen, with famous hot apple cider & donuts, compliment the overall business and draw numerous crowds each season.

In 2011, inside the Salem Village themed maze, a family had to be rescued by local authorities after literally getting lost in the field as darkness fell. The story received international attention from media in Ireland, England and Australia and domestic news outlets such as The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, and Associated Press. Television hosts Jay Leno and Chelsea Handler also joined in the fun and Saturday Night Live writers included the incident as part of their Weekend Update segment.

This incident was explosive for business.  Many guests flocked to the farm to see the newly termed “911 Maze” and haunted cornfield.  Everyone wanted to visit the Massachusetts farm and haunted event that was generating all the media buzz on radio, newspaper and television.  The incident was plastered on the front page of countless local and Boston area newspapers.  Was the cornfield really haunted that night?  Did the darkness swallow the family whole?

Bob was bombarded by phone calls from news organizations coast to coast.  The day following the incident, he was interviewed by 12 different radio shows.  Good Morning America even wanted to fly him to New York City to talk about what happened LIVE.  This incident created a buzz in the Halloween maze industry that has not been duplicated to this day.

Connors Farm is a proud member of The Maize Company, founded in 1996 by Brett and Nicole Herbst.  The Utah based organization is the world’s largest corn maze company.  Since its inception, membership has grown to include over 260 mazes throughout the United States, Canada, Poland, and the United Kingdom.

After the explosion in attendance stemming from the 911 incident, Bob had the financial ability to dedicate more resources to improving the haunted house.  The acreage used for the haunt was expanded.  The staff added sets and upgraded props to improve the overall horror experience.  

A local company was brought in to handle lighting and sound.  New England Event Producers, based in South Hamilton, is owned and operated by 2 young entrepreneurs.  Each year, their crew handles the power distribution needs for the haunt.  Since Bob brought them on board, the quality of lighting, sound and fog has steadily improved.  Being able to control these special effects in an outdoor environment is challenging due to the unpredictability of New England’s weather. The crew does a great job of managing these elements and maintaining a quality product each night throughout the Halloween haunted house season.  

A strong emphasis was put on building a team of quality actors. The leadership team pays particular attention to the interests and talents of the actors and takes every opportunity to foster creativity.  All of the people currently involved in makeup, props, costuming and sets have developed from within. Cultivating these functions in-house has created a sense of pride and ownership within the staff and has allowed team members’ talents to flourish.  This approach has taken the overall production quality of the haunted house to a new level.

Hysteria’s core team has attended the annual Transworld Halloween & Attractions Show for the past 2 years.  The industry tradeshow has been instrumental in driving the constant improvement of the haunt and has been a great learning experience. Sharing the industry’s best practices as well as staying updated on new developments and keeping up with the latest trends has kept their attractions fresh for their customers each year.  While at the show, Hysteria’s team also networked with key players in the industry and took every opportunity to learn from their success. The team at Hysteria firmly believes they can learn something from every player in the industry.  “If you stop learning, you stop evolving,” says Connors.

In 2013, Bob took a risk on a new attraction with Zombie Paintball.  He purchased trailers anticipating that it would create excitement and a buzz on the street that would take the haunt to a new level. The risk paid off. The addition of Zombie Paintball proved to be a great asset to the venue.  The attraction has substantially increased attendance to the farm and has strengthened the overall experience for their guests. A marketing blitz of billboard and radio combined with online advertising and word of mouth, created an overwhelming demand for this new zombie attraction.  This year’s Zombie Hunt takes the guests beyond the safety of the Compound’s gates and will be a whole new thrilling experience. The attraction is shaping up to be bigger and better than any of its kind in New England.  They continue to add more trailers, more zombies and increase the number of shots for their guests.  This year, they also have some great surprises in store for their zombie hunters. “It’s sure to be something that our hunters will not forget,” says Connors. “All of these changes planned for 2014 will undoubtedly culminate in a Halloween production that will exceed all expectations and drive the business for years to come.”

“Hysteria is not just a haunted venue; it’s a state of mind,” says Connor. The entire philosophy of the haunt is being reinvented for the 2014 season.  Having a great experience starts from the moment guests enter their property. Every aspect of the haunt must work together to contribute to an overall positive trip to this Scream Park, and it starts from their very first encounter in the parking lot.  Unlike many other haunts in the area, Hysteria does not charge their customers for parking.  When guests arrive at Hysteria, they are welcomed by the host: Cerberus, The Soul Keeper. The Keeper is the watcher over the farm, and absorbs the souls of the people that are sacrificed in the fields. He is Hysteria’s version of the Grim Reaper. Cerberus is outfitted with a handcrafted burlap mask and tophat from the Grim Stitch Factory.  The quality construction, stitching and painting of the mask sets The Keeper apart from scarecrows seen at other haunts.  

Once at the main entrance of Hysteria, guests have several choices for which attraction to visit first. They can have their photos taken with their choice of several queue line actors. Icon characters entertaining the crowd are wearing full body costume suits made by Global Fear Enterprises. Each of the costumes are highly stylized suits with extraordinary detail from head to toe. All of these characters will no doubt be posted all over social media as guests snap photos. Under the umbrella of Hysteria, there are presently 5 main attractions: Zombie Paintball at Connors Compound, The Fields, Cirque du Dement, The Burial Grounds and the Maze of Darkness. In addition to these main attractions, there is plenty of queue line entertainment, concessions and other activities for guests to enjoy. Free mechanical bull rides keep people wildly entertained while they wait in line enjoying barbeque concessions fresh from the grill. They also serve popcorn, kettle corn, cotton candy, hand dipped caramel apples, homemade fudge, and hot apple cider with fresh donuts.

Inside the safety of The Compound, a stage overlooks the eerie pond and glowing bonfires. Local bands and other live entertainment keep guests engaged while they wait to hunt the undead. Visitors are encountered by several zombies on the loose as well as the farmer’s daughter, who lives inside The Compound despite her infection. When guests return from the hunt, they have an opportunity to get their photo taken with a zombie. Once they leave The Compound, guests head across the street to see the 3 remaining attractions.

The Maze of Darkness is a 7-acre corn maze with a different theme each year and is fun for all ages. Visitors can access clues to help them find their way. Some guests choose to navigate the field only with the aid of the moonlight, while others flock to the safety flashlights. Although there are no actors inside this maze, the haunted field alone is enough to scare most. Each time the wind blows, the sound of the corn stalks rustling keeps guests looking over their shoulders. Guests can complete the corn maze at their own pace, and the complexity changes every year.
After the Maze of Darkness, the first haunted attraction to encounter is The Fields. The Holt Brothers and their extended, inbred, twisted family live there on the farm. Each October, the family performs an annual “Ritual of the Fields” where visitors become victims and are sacrificed to their god. Visitors follow a path cut through the cornfield and get a glimpse of the Holt Brothers’ childhood. Next, they trek through a wooded area bordered by an ominous swamp where members of the Holt family live and hunt for their next victims. The real smells and sounds of this natural setting are unmatched by any indoor attraction. Guests also get a glimpse inside a few of the shacks and cabins where twisted members of the family live. The next stop is the Holt family home. Soon to be victims get a full tour through the filth and horrific sights inside the dilapidated cabin. The trip through the cabin would not be complete without descending into Stanley’s basement workshop. Here, guests encounter a frightening man wearing a mask made of skin. Stanley is an imposing, ominous figure that enjoys skinning his victims and using their skin, hair and teeth to construct gruesome clothes and masks.

If guests are lucky enough to escape Stanley’s dungeon, they find themselves in the middle of the annual Ritual of the Fields, where guests become the ultimate sacrifice. The creative team does a great job of using all the senses to completely engross guests in the haunting experience. Every element of the haunt supports the storyline and creates a believable environment for guests. They also do a fantastic job of using main and supporting characters to develop the theme and achieve a realistic experience.

The same level of realism they accomplish in The Fields carries over into the final haunted attraction, the Cirque du Dement. The costumes, sets and characters create an immersive experience that places patrons inside a vintage traveling circus and sideshow. The host of the show is Madame Abattage. Madame is a bombshell exprostitute that inherited the business when one of her “Johns” died under mysterious circumstances. She is now the woman on top and she rules with an iron fist. Her right-hand hound, Star (a squirly carnie), does her bidding for her with the point of a finger and swiftly administers punishment to underperformers. Guests enter the attraction through a Vortex tunnel and once on the other side, it is like a whole new world. The props and sets create a genuine vintage feel, and it’s almost as if traveling back in time. Once inside the big top, the Ringmaster sets the tone for what the guests are about to experience. Each set has a demented twist that is sure to turn stomachs and make people squirm. Smells and sounds help create the scenes throughout this haunted attraction. A mix of backstage and under-the-tent sets help to create the feeling of a full tour through this Cirque. In addition, the Cirque also uses specialty acts to entertain and dazzle. A skinned woman works a lira which is a hooped trapeze act that can’t help but draw attention, and a rotating mix of other acts include tumblers, contortionists and fire breathers. The team at Hysteria always done a great job creating an atmosphere that is consistent throughout. Every element comes together nicely in order to put the customer into the scene, resulting in an overall convincing experience. After exiting the Cirque, visitors travel through a Midway with photo opportunities, food and various concessions.

Hysteria at Connors Farm is also the site of a unique historic attraction: 17th Century Burial Grounds. Located deep in the haunted woods and surrounded by rundown fencing, “The Burial Grounds” offers a ghostly experience that no other haunted venue has been able to duplicate. The guide leads an exclusive group of guests through low lying fog, down lantern lit paths to the site of these timeworn tombs. This historic site is authentic. Guests won’t find any foam tombstones at this graveyard. Hysteria’s use of real settings offer guests an experience that is unparalleled by other attractions. Overall, the team at Hysteria does an outstanding job of staying consistent with the theme. Every element reinforces the storyline of the individual attractions. The main characters sell the story and the supporting cast reinforces the feeling that the guest is part of the action. The realism created by the mix of historic, natural and man-made sets is unmatched by indoor attractions. Team Hysteria realizes the importance of always staying fresh. Each offseason, the crew improves upon the existing infrastructure and works hard to bring some of their new ideas and concepts to life. The team always strives to achieve realism. Every aspect of the haunt must be believable in order for the customer to experience true fear. People visit Hysteria to get scared and have an overall great experience. Team Hysteria works hard to make sure that they exceed all expectations.

The next time you are in Salem for Halloween, don’t forget to take a drive to Salem Village (Danvers, MA). This IS where it all happened.

Visit our haunted website,, and check out our daytime attractions,

Photo credits: (characters) Gary Young Photography


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