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MidWest Haunters Convention June 6-8, 2014
Thu, May 15, 2014
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There is something new happening during the Midwest Haunters Convention in Columbus Ohio this year... the event has new owners, new look and new approach to the show.  Transworld the producers of the WORLD FAMOUS haunted house convention in St Louis now own and operate the Midwest Haunters Convention and this year they are bringing more excitement than ever to the show.  What is the difference between Midwest Haunters Convention and the BIG show in St Louis... there are many!  For starters MHC is a mixture of many different types of people from body painting, zombie walks, actors, and some professional haunt owners.  The big show in St Louis is mostly haunted attraction owners and operators and the focus is business to business while MHC draws thousands of haunters from all walks of life and the focus is on more activities than business to bushiness.  There won't be as many vendors, there won't be as many buyers, as the show in St Louis however there will be more seminars, more haunt tours, and a whole lot more wild haunted themed parties!  MHC however will be different this year in that Transworld has tried to draw in more vendors than the old MHC and while they will have new vendors those vendors might have 1 booth or 2 opposed to 10 plus at the show in St Louis.

Seminars at MHC are cheaper, and there are tons more haunted house tours starting with a massive tour to Haunted Schoolhouse in Akron Ohio.  Seminars will be taught by everyone from Allan Hopps to John Denley.  Haunted House tours include Factory of Terror, Haunted Schoolhouse, Haunted Laboratory, Blood View and other tours include Ohio State Reformatory,  and a ghost tour through Bissman Building. On Saturday the big tour will be at Scareatorium haunted house.

This is the last big event for haunters everywhere prior to Halloween.  To learn more visit
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The Darkness Haunted House Haunt Tour Video - Halloween and Haunt Show 2014
Wed, April 23, 2014
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During the 2014 Transworld Halloween and Haunted House Tradeshow in St Louis one of the WORLD Biggest, Scariest and Best haunted houses opened its doors to nearly 2000 haunted attraction owners and operators.  The guests included celebrities, haunt owners from nearly every state in Ameirca and several countries from around the WORLD.  Theme park owners and operators, guests who owned pumpkin patches, to corn mazes all lined up to see this amazing haunted house during the Transworld Show... watch the video and see how the tour turned out.

During the 2014 Transworld Show nearly 10,000 people attended the show giving the show organizers the biggest turn out in their history.  The show was bigger than ever with new vendors, animations, masks, costumes, and much more.  The Transworld Haunt Show and Darkness Haunt Tour will be back in March 2015. 

Now the Haunted House industry works hard to create new haunts, new scares while vendors across the country scramble to fill orders for giant monsters, to animations to bloody bodies.  Stay tuned to Hauntworld for all the latest.

americas biggest and best scariest haunted houses
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Haunted House and Halloween Tradeshow Review
Thu, April 03, 2014
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Its been a long lead up to the biggest Haunted House and Halloween show in the WORLD... St Louis Missouri was the home again to the national haunted house industry tradeshow.  If I was being totally honestly the last couple of years this show has been a serious letdown simply from the standpoint of vendors not bringing cool new products to buy.  Overall I would say that vendors for the past several years have been copying each other, offering animations that seemed almost the same each and every single year.  Nothing new, nothing exciting more or less the thing just different wrapper.  However much to our shock and surprise the vendors blew away every expectation anyone could have ever hoped for!  Vendors are finally listening to the end users, they brought products that haunters wanted and needed.  Many years ago we made a call for less animations and more costumes and masks well... that happened in a major way. 

On this years tradeshow floor there were not many animation companies, but rather multiple mask and costume companies.  We can't even begin to count how many companies sold masks and costumes or tools for actors to use to scare guests.  It was simply in one word ... overwhelming.

I think the biggest reason for the change is due to the commitment that Transworld put into the show.  Many years ago when we stepped up and called for a haunt only show based on the premise that if you build it they will come Transworld did just that.  Yes Transworld did a show but the first show didn't have the effort, didn't have the scope the vision or the potential that the show will ultimately become.  We said if you build a haunt only show buyers will show up from other countries and what happened... this year they had buyers from over 30 different countries!  We said if you do a haunt only show more unique vendors would come wanting to sell to the OVER ONE BILLION dollar Halloween Attraction industry... what happened?  Well Transworld Show is now become more like IAAPA where the majority of the vendors are small with unique products and services rather than the handful of mega companies who bring the same thing every year.

Now you walk the show you don't know what to expect, who new product you might discover from a flashlight that records video, to a paranormal investigation device to a zip line to yes and I couldn't believe an entire military truck with paint ball guns.  The haunt industry now offers so many surprises you need to spend an entire day fishing through all the smaller booths to ensure you didn't miss anything.  Before you could walk this show in one hour tops and know and fully understand everything about it. Transworld now sees the light, they know the potential and they totally exploited it to the fullest... this was hands down the best show they have ever had!

Nearly 10,000 people attended this years show, the tradeshow floor was nearly sold out from one end to the other making it over double from the first year. 

So who were the big winners? 


There was at least not in my opinion any one single vendor who did any better than the next, no one company really stood out hands down more than the others it was the overall combination of everything that wins the award.  Why was the haunt industry owners the big winners?  Because haunt industry owner for the first time had every single type of vendor they could ever want from business to business companies, maks, costume to animation it was all there.  Running and operating a haunted house isn't about just making people scared its about marketing, operations, staffing, and so much more.  The haunted house owners won this year because the show delivered more than they could have asked or hoped for!  The vendors stepped up and delivered with so many new products it was hard to choose what new products you might want for your attraction.

Vendors feared more vendors new vendors taking their business, however that was more than overset with the new flux of buyers from oversears so VENDORS WIN AS WELL!

The biggest question mark... Transworld Exhibits themselves!  Why?  Well they have set the bar so high now they might not be able to top themselves, and haunters are notorious for wanting more for less.  Transworld started this show and took about half the hall now they got the whole entire hall and they got within 1/4 of filling it.  Can they reach bigger heights with this show, can they reach even more oversees buyers, new markets, and new industries?   At least based on what I saw this year I would have to say YES!

Other highlights of the show included The Darkness Haunted House tour which had their biggest attendance yet with over 1,500 people attending, and the City Museum event hosted over 1000 guests.   The seminars seemed really slow it seemed more people leaned on the early bid seminars and during the show had more interest in seeing the show then sitting through a seminar. 

If you missed this years Transworld Show you missed out big time!

Dates for the 2015 show are already posted.  See you in St Louis in 2015.

If you are not already create an account for the Hauntworld Forums or simply log in and view this thread to view hundreds of photos of the show!


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