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The Dark Side
N1255 Hoard Road
Ixonia, Wisconsin, 53036

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THE HAUNTED ATTRACTIONS Now in our 11th year we offer 6 haunts covering over 40 acres with a large indoor cue and concessions area. This year our guests will enjoy 2 Themed Haunted Houses, one of America’s most unique Hayrides, with the Midwest’s Largest Vortex Tunnel, A Pine Forest Trail, Our newest haunt which is a multi-level maze, and a Haunted Corn Maze all for one price.
NEW FOR 2014! ZOMBIE EXPEDITION In this attraction guests embark on custom designed wagons for a nearly half mile trek through seven meticulously built scenes from America’s favorite Zombie show taking out zombies with paintballs. Forget about those zombie shooting galleries you have seen before. This is 15 minutes of high energy, adrenaline pumping fun.
Also NEW for 2014: Schizophrenia In 1953 Alexander and Nicholas Davis returned from the war and purchased the farm to settle down and become farmers. The next spring they planted corn as far as the eye could see. Halfway through the season they discovered that something was eating their corn. They set out traps for normal pest such as deer and raccoons, but every morning when they checked the traps they found that they had all been destroyed. They both realized that they were dealing with something more serious. After weeks of losing more and more corn they decided to set a large trap and deal with this once and for all. They cut large paths into the corn that all led to their trap in the middle. The next morning they came out to find a creature like no other; they constructed a large cage on the edge of their field and imprisoned the creature there. Later that week, as they were tending their field they felt as if something was watching them as they worked, but could see nothing. The two men vanished before their corn could ever be harvested that year.
Backwoods Revenge This is the story of Grandma Townsend and her children. Grandma Townsend acquired the farm from the state to run an orphanage for troubled children. The children were sent to the country to be kept away from the public, so they were required to stay on the farm at all times. As a way to pass the time they started to build things in the Pine Forest. One day as they were looking for a place to build a cabin they came upon barrels that had been left by the state. As they started to inspect the barrels one of them burst, spraying the youths with an unknown substance. Soon after, the children started to change and mutate into unnatural things. Grandma Townsend feared what people might think of the children she loved so she kept them quarantined in the forest. Three years later Grandma Townsend died and the children were left by themselves and no one knew of their existence. They continued to live in the pine forest always building and living in secret.
Twilight Nightmare The longest family to survive the farm to date is the Wilton family. James Wilton bought this farm in 1870 after it had been abandoned for 20 years. They were lumberjacks and wanted the farm only for its trees. They built a sawmill and started clearing right away. After a number of years tragedy befell when James was killed in the sawmill because a pile of logs fell on him. After that the family left the sawmill and started producing moonshine for the locals. They soon became a large business, producing lots of varieties of moonshine. As they started to play with the ingredients they happened upon a very potent formula. A formula that caused vibrant hallucinations and they started to “see” the evil things that you only dream about. After a couple weeks they couldn’t take the visions any longer and disappeared into the darkness of the forest.


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