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Jason's Woods Haunted Attractions
99 Stehman Road
Lancaster, Pennsylvania, 17603

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2013 marked the start of what is now…The NEW BEGINNING…and now 2014 launches Jason’s Woods into an entirely new level of thrills, chills and excitement. EXPERIENCE THE CHANGE with our 6 Mind Blowing, Full Size Attractions for even less than the price of our 2013 5 Show Combo!
In addition to our signature Horrifying Hayride, the sensory overload that is the Chamber of Horrors and our renowned Lost in Jason’s Woods, NEW for 2014... Imagine a place where humans are no longer the hunters but have become the hunted…Enter the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE! An unbelievable NEW attraction that puts you in the middle of an all-out war for survival! Will you survive or will you join the legions of the Undead? The gentle rustling of corn stalks on a crisp autumn night is suddenly overtaken by the sound of high pitched screams and the sickening sound of metal slashing meat in the NEW FIELDS OF FRIGHT! You will never be able to escape the visions of terror that lurk within the towering rows of corn. Escape or be forever lost…
Completely Redesigned and with a maniacal new attitude the Carnival of Fear returns! Blood curdling screams and nervous laughter assault your senses as you journey through the dark and terrifying big top! The Grand Jason’s Woods Theatre arrives in 2014, now with BITE! Feel your sanity slip away as you are transported to another world where you are now playing a part in a never before seen Jason’s Woods production. Are you the lead role or just another victim? Find out in the terrifying Theatre Experience!
Proving that Jason’s Woods is not just for Halloween anymore, the Jason’s Woods Midway is sure to provide thrills with an all new outdoor Laser Tag arena, a challenging Paintball Shoot, Mechanical Bull rides, Lazer Maze challenge, and outrageous inflatable rides. Combined with great food and Theatrical Stage Shows, Jason’s Woods is THE destination for an evening of Halloween fun and excitement! Jason’s Woods always the Innovators, NEVER the imitators…WE’RE BACK!
Located at 99 Stehman Road Lancaster, PA. 17603. Attractions open September 13,19,20,26,27,every Friday, Saturday and Sunday in October and November 1st and 8th Hours of operation – Friday’s and Saturday’s 7pm-10pm and Sunday’s 7pm-9pm. Visit for full event details


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