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6624 Dawson Blvd
Norcross, Georgia, 30093

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Our First Attraction is THE ROTTING! The witches have released vast armies of spirits from the depths of the NETHERWORLD to appease the DEAD ONES, and these spirits must feed! Drawn to the life force of human beings they drain the energy causing their victims to suffer THE ROTTING, a decay of the body accompanied by a ravenous hunger! A supernatural investigation team, G.H.O.S.T . has discovered the supernatural source of the plague, but will the cure be worse than the disease? New horrific experiences in THE ROTTING include: The Phantom Energy Chamber, The Mummies Curse, The Spectral Gallery, The Sinking Tombs of Whyshburg, The Boswick's Revenge, The Alien Flesh Lab, The Slithering Soul Eater, Engulfed by the Shoggoth, The Arena of Ghosts, The Walk Of Peril, The Elder Thing, The Rotting Dead and the War Wraiths! A supernatural shock fest full to the brim with never ending terror! Our Second Attraction is VAULT 13 Unearthed! Before the Mangler began torturing human beings, he created an AI (Artificial Intelligence) called PROTEUS to experiment on and drove it completely insane. It evolved into a living computer virus and sought out its creator demanding a body. Enraged at the Mangler's lack of response, PROTEUS reactivated VAULT 13 and commanded secret ops security teams to capture the Mangler and his clone creations. Successfully locking them in VAULT 13 it continued its quest to create a living body and take revenge on the entire human race! New dark secrets of VAULT 13 include: The Elevator of Death, The Toxic Foam Room, The Invincible TORG, The Hideous Hatchling, The Mechanoids, The Liver Eater, The Massive Defense Grid, The Hypno Room, The Steel Vault, Nurse Nervosa, Sample V-37, and the Wind Tunnel! A brain blasting sci-fi horror adventure sure to melt your mind!


Weekday Ticket Price: $22 THE ROTTING Weekday Ticket Price: THE ROTTING/ VAULT 13 Unearthed Combo $28 Weekend Ticket Price: $25 THE ROTTING Weekend Ticket Price: THE ROTTING/ Vault 13 Unearthed Combo $35 Speed Pass Combo $50
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