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Reaper's Revenge 4 Haunted Attractions
460 Green Grove Road
Scranton, Pennsylvania, 18447

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You and your fellow travelers try to prepare for the horror that lies ahead deep within the Realm of Reaper’s Forest. 60 acres of fears that you did not even know existed. Around every twisted turn, the Grim’s soul-searching creatures and blood thirsty zombies await your arrival as you journey deeper and deeper into the woods. The hay wagon offers some sense of safety but only until you arrive at the Lost Carnival, where the souls of the sideshow freaks and evil deranged clowns haunt the abandoned midway. You tentatively step along the footpath hoping to reach the Tunnel of Love…but what awaits you on the other side? If you are lucky enough to emerge unscathed from the madness of the Lost Carnival, your next act of bravery will require you to enter Pitch Black; an indoor maze where you are robbed of your sight and rely on your sixth sense to maneuver. Reaching the end, with your eyes struggling to adapt to the moonlight, you notice something is different. Why is there a seeming wasteland within view? The path to survival leads straight into Sector 13, a horrifying maze… but who is waiting in there for you? Experience the 4 terrors within Reaper’s Forest…come and TEST YOUR FATE!
LOST CARNIVAL Your mind struggles to piece together the distorted silhouettes and partial shapes that emerge from the darkness as you slowly approach the footpath. This walk through the fog will lead you straight into the horror of the wandering souls of The Lost Carnival. The sideshow freaks, evil deranged clowns, and oddities of long ago remain loyal to the only home they ever knew. The show must go on and they await your arrival deep into the woods for their encore performance. Even the bravest of souls cannot face the horror of the psychotic, demented madness that fills the abandoned midway. If you’re lucky, you may reach the Tunnel of Love….BUT WILL YOU COME OUT???
HAUNTED HAYRIDE The meager but treasured comfort provided by your new best friends is fleeting as the hay wagon pulls away into the heavy darkness. You are now all alone, isolated from each other by the ink black cloak of fear and anticipation that infiltrates all five of your senses. As you travel forward through 60 acres of dark trails, deep into the Realm of Reaper’s Forest, you may be tempted to extend a hand of friendship and reassurance to your traveling companions but don’t be fooled, for things aren’t always what they seem. Trust no one. For the longest 30 minutes you’ve ever imagined, the Reaper’s soul-searching creatures and blood thirsty zombies will find delight in discovering your inner fears. Through the ever-changing twists and turns you regain your senses, acclimating to the sounds of terror and the scenes of horror. Your over-active sixth sense magnifies and distorts your every sensation and thought. Climb aboard the tractor pulled hay wagon if you dare and prepare yourself for the most horrifying ride of your life. IT MAY BE YOUR LAST!!!
SECTOR 13 The Eastern half of the United States has suffered a massive bio nuclear attack. Amongst the rubble of destroyed cities, rural towns and abandoned areas remain a few survivors who have escaped. Your travels and search for safety from cannibalistic mutants have led you to Sector 13, the last remaining bridge to the relatively “normal” Western United States. Sector 13 is the testing and filtering facility for the remaining survivors; only those free from nuclear side effects will be released. The infamous high intensity maze of Sector 13 contains an intricate web of psychological scares and torment which must be navigated successfully in order to reach safety. But the heavily armored facility was built to restrain the mutants not provide a quick exit. Your escape will not be easy and a new terror waits around each corner; the worst of the mutant test subjects are eager to escape their holding cells and all of them are envious of your freedom. Will you cower in panic or breathe a sigh of relief as you step into safety? Don’t misstep and reach a dead end, going back may not be an option. Test your fate once again at Sector 13, the newest terror at Reaper’s Revenge.
PITCH BLACK “No one knows” what hides within this indoor maze of Blind Darkness. Real terror awaits you around every corner. Robbed of your sight you must feel your way through the twists and turns with only the fear of being trapped to push you forward. Not for the faint of heart, panic is inevitable, but don’t dare stop or slow down… Sheer terror is ALWAYS right behind you.

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