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Find Haunted Houses in Indiana in cities from Indianapolis, FFort Wayne, Evansville, South Bend, Gary, Bloomington and Lafayette, Indiana. The biggest, scariest, and best haunted houses in the state of Indiana from haunted attractions, haunted hayrides, corn mazes, paintball zombie hayrides, to massive Screamparks can all be found here at Hauntworld will help you find all types of haunted attractions, Halloween haunted houses, hayrides, corn mazes, haunted prisons, hotels, mansions to any and all types of horror attractions. Hauntworld will also help you find haunted hayrides, year around haunts, to even zombie paintball hayrides in Indiana. Please share this page via social media and leave your comments and reviews.
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What is the Scariest Haunted House in Indiana?
Indy Scream Park - Anderson, Indiana
Hannah Haunted Acres - Indianapolis, Indiana
Stillwell Manor - Anderson, Indiana
13th Floor Haunted House - Huntington, IN
Soul Takers - Warsaw, Indiana
Danger Run - Clarksville, Indiana
Indiana Fear Farm - Jamestown Indiana
Shadow Asylum - Terre Haute, Indiana
Haunted Angelus - Indianapolis, Indiana
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Take a trip to haunted houses in three different states, Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana as we review tons of different haunted houses all throughout these states. Haunted Houses Reviewed include Nightmare Estates, Bufford Haunted School, Haunted Spook Coop, Chamber of Horror, Kings Island, Dent School House, Land of Illusion, Sandyland Acres Haunted Hayride, USS Nightmare, Baxter Avenue Morgue, Haunted Hotel, and Industrial Nightmare.
Ohio Valley Haunted House in Lewisburg, Ohio
Haunted House in Huntington, Indiana
Haunted House in Indianapolis, Indiana
Haunted House event in Warsaw, Indiana IN
Haunted House located in Indianapolis, Indiana Metro Area.
Anderson's Scariest and Largest Haunted Attraction - Anderson, Indiana ...
Indiana Fear Farm Haunted Hayride in Jamestown
Haunted House in Niles, Michigan
The World Famous 13th Floor Haunted House Comes To Chicago
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Haunted Hotel-13th Floor NE Indiana's SCARIEST 4D event! We are located in Huntington, Indiana - 34442 Views  
The best haunt in NE Indiana! Haunted Hotel Haunted House in Fort Wayne, Indiana you will be dropped off on the mysterious 13th floor, think you have what it takes to make it out alive? Not everyone does. Click here to see photos, videos, directions and more.

3 Youtube Videos
8 Photos
Haunted Cave at Lewisburg in Lewisburg, Ohio, Indiana - 28397 Views  
WHAT Is Scarier than A REAL CAVE? REALLY located eighty foot BELOW ground in LIMESTONE CAVE! World's Longest Haunted House! plus 30,000 live bats! IT'S REAL! Five hundred foot of bridges. WINNER of BEST of DAYTON, Consecutive Haunt of Year, HOTTEST HAUNT GOING by HOD Awards. Hayride to other parts of cave also, ONLY $7. Numberous individual awards Best Actor & Climax awards plus many more.

0 Youtube Videos
15 Photos
Soul Takers Acres in Warsaw, Indiana - 9937 Views  
Soultakers Haunted House Soultaker's Haunted House features one of Indiana's largest collections of high tech interactive animatronics along with a terrifying cast of live scaracters !

3 Youtube Videos
2 Photos
The Danger Run in Clarksville, Indiana - 6024 Views  
KY Haunted House Adventure: The Danger Run is Louisville, Kentucky's premier haunted attraction featuring 2 haunted houses. The Danger Run is a Halloween game that you play in your car with your friends. You will be given a book of clues which you have to solve to find your way to TWO SCARY haunted houses included with your admission.

2 Youtube Videos
1 Photos
Indy Scream Park in Anderson, Indiana - 5455 Views  
Indy Scream Park Haunted House - The scariest haunted house in the Indianapolis, Indiana metro area

1 Youtube Videos
5 Photos
Stillwell Manor in Anderson, Indiana - 2897 Views  
Stillwell Manor Haunted Attraction - One Central Indiana's Scariest and Largest Haunted Attractions. 27,000 sq ft of Frights and Fears. The haunted mansion of Stillwell Manor and the nightmares and fears of Tantibus.

0 Youtube Videos
7 Photos
Hanna Haunted Acres in Indianapolis, Indiana - 2849 Views  
This popular Halloween haunted attraction in Indianapolis, Indiana has been going strong since 1992 and seemingly continues to expand its offerings each new season. Hanna Haunted Acres offers 6 different attractions We are proud to announce that this year we have Saw. A brand new haunted house replicated after the epic Saw series. The haunt includes real situations and props from the movies. Hanna Haunted Acres offers their signature Hayride, Haunted Corn Field Maze, and 4 different themed haunted houses. Over the years, Hanna Haunted Acres has become "one of Indianapolis most feared haunted houses".

1 Youtube Videos
6 Photos
Indiana Fear Farm in Jamestown, Indiana - 1638 Views  
The Headless Horseman rides again every weekend in October at INDIANA FEAR FARM with Spectacular thrills in our Hollywood Style Haunted Hayride Stunt Show and blood curdling chills around every corner as you Scream your way through the Slaughter Barn! If you want FEAR, If you want FUN, If you want a FULL EVENING of LIVE ENTERTAINMENT, you get it ALL for one low price at INDIANA FEAR FARM! You're just minutes away from........FARM.......FRESH........FUN!

3 Youtube Videos
5 Photos
The Darkness in Saint Louis, Missouri - 111656 Views  
The Darkness Haunted House is Americas Best Haunted House featuring three different attractions over two floors including Terror Visions and the Monster Museum. The Darkness is over 30,000 SCREAM feet of sheer terror rated one of America's best by Travel Channel, USA Today, Fangoria Magazine and many more. Located in St. Louis Missouri.

19 Youtube Videos
99 Photos
Creepyworld Screampark in Saint Louis/Fenton, Missouri - 79459 Views  
Creepyworld is the World's longest and best Haunted Screampark with 12 different attractions in one location. In 2014 Creepyworld will feature two all new haunted attractions including St Lucifer's Hospital and Riker's Riot a Prison Escape attraction. Creepyworld also features a zombie paintball hayride, and an overall total of 12 haunted attractions all in one location. Creepyworld also features the Ghoul Band and the World's largest pumpkin display. Creepyworld takes over one hour to complete. Learn more about this attraction at

13 Youtube Videos
114 Photos
The Abyss at Lemp Brewery in St. Louis, Missouri - 25005 Views  
The Abyss at Lemp Brewery is the scariest real haunted house in America. Travel deep underground inside of real caves and caverns alone in pitch darkness. There is nothing that can prepare for such an extreme experience at The Abyss. Deep underground NO ONE CAN HEAR YOU SCREAM! Locations downtown St Louis inside the old Lemp Brewery

11 Youtube Videos
24 Photos



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Indiana Haunted Houses have grown over the years to feature some really amazing haunted houses some of which have been featured on Travel Channel. Several years ago when we visited haunted houses in the Indianapolis, Indiana  the haunted houses in Indiana seemed to be around every corner especially in the Indianapolis, Indiana area haunted houses are very popular form of entertainment and more haunted houses in Indiana can be found at On you will find every type of haunted houses in Indiana from a haunted hayride, haunted house, Halloween Attractions, ghost tours, to paranormal ghost hunting. Read all about the best and scariest haunted houses in the state of Indiana here at  Indiana has some of the biggest haunted houses in cities like Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Evansville, South Bend, Gary, Bloomington and Gary, Indiana.

When looking for a scary or the best haunted house in Indiana look no further than the area of Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Evansville, South Bend, Gary, Bloomington and Lafayette, Indiana because this is an absolute hotbed for haunted houses which would also include the Indianapolis area. Indiana has more haunted houses than almost any other state in America, and not only do they have several haunts but they have some of the best found anywhere. Indiana has many cities with great haunted houses especially Indiana area which has more of the top rated haunts than any other city in America.
Do you want to know what we feel are the best haunted houses in Indiana?  Do you want to know the Scariest Haunted Houses in Indiana?  You will find Indiana haunted houses here at  We want you to share your experiences on our Facebook page.

Indiana Haunted Houses

Indiana haunted houses are some of the scariest and best haunted houses in Indiana and America. will help you find haunted houses in Indiana, Haunted Houses in Indianapolis, Indiana, Haunted Houses in Fort Wayne, Indiana, to haunted houses in Evansville, South Bend to Gary and more. As the editor of we know Indiana haunted houses well because we use to live in Indianapolis, Indiana and have visted Haunted Houses in Indiana many times and rate them for our readers. 

Listed below you will find all sorts of information about haunted houses in Indiana especially the best and scariest haunted houses including Halloween Attractions, Hayrides, Ghost Tours, and much more.  Are you ready to find the best haunted houses in Indiana?  Just remember to come back to to rate and review the haunted houses you visit and to help our readers visit on the best haunted attractions in Indiana. 

The most famous ghost in the town of Evansville is the Grey Lady Ghost.  She was first reported as being seen at the Willard Library in tha late 1930's by a custodian.  The lady is reported to be Willard Carpenters' daughter, Louise.  Since then there have been several reported sightings and unexplained events wheather you are prepared or not.  Every October it is part of tradition for the town of Evansville to look for the Grey Lady Ghost.  This tradition started back in the late 1990's and hundred sand gather around for the excitement.  The library has been investigated on shows such as "Ghost Hunters" and also has a 24 hour web cam so people from everywhere can see the ghostly activity. 

Willard Carpenter is known for the Willard Library and is also famous for the Carpenter House, which is his former home.  Volunteers who work there have reported seeing someone, or feeling a presence of someone and turning around and no one will be there.  There have been many reports of strange noises and various items being moved in the house.  Willard Carpenter is probably the most famous resident to ever live in Evansville, Indiana. 

Evansville is also home to several more ghost.  Many times when you come across an abandoned building you will oftern times find unexplaind activity.  The abandoned house on School Road is full of ghosts and has been said to have many add events and strange happenings.  There is a window on the top floor and many have said you can see the ghost of a man standing there looking out the window.  Nobody is sure who this ghosty figure is of, but you can count one one thing.  When you walk by that abandoned house on School Road, be sure to look for the old man starring back at you.    

There are several famous  memorial that can be found in Indianapolis.  For anyone who donated their body to benefit the medical education they will spend eternity in the Crown Hill Cemetary.  There is a section set aside wit ha memorial that reads, "Dedicated to thoses persons of good will who have bequethed their bodies for the advancement of medical science".  

At the Indianapolis Motor Speedway  in Indianapolis there is a memorial for all the lives lost on the Indianapolis Speedway.  So far ther are 66 lives buried there from drivers, mechanics to spectators.  Now becoming one of Americ'a favorties form of entertainment, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway has out lasted as a icon of motorsports excellence.  

The Tour of Doom is a Children's Museum Haunted House located in Indianapolis.  An Indianapolis family Halloween tradition for sure, allows you to choose if you want the family-friendly package or the real scare of it all!  See the real history and real ghost stories behind the city oid Indianapolis.  

Be prepared for the best scare of your life on the Indiapolis Ghost Tours.  Guaranteed to scare you  and bring out the inner child, you will scream so much.  Learn about the history of the old Sheriff's home and then the jail which stands right next to it.  Hear the ghouling tale of the ghost that are oftern discoverd every evening.  For it to be a true  tour you must check out the shops and bars that make up the historical Indianapolis.  Witness the paranormal activity and unexplained events that many people see everyday that live here.  Reports of strange noises and voices being heard in the distance.  The most frightening part of Indianapoli are the cemeteries at night.  A graveyard can be spooky enough, but entering one at night will get all the hairs on your neck to atand stright up.  After seeing the full tour and hearing all the "tails" you yourself will begin to wonder if all the noises, voices and strange events you witnessed were real or just part of your imagination. 

Hauntings of the Hoosier State

The Hoosier State is home to a wide range of haunted sites and locations (not to mention Indiana haunted houses), most of which have a long, spooky history and have been confirmed haunted by genuine ghost hunters.  

The Cry Baby Bridge – Located in Anderson, Indiana, the nickname of the bridge stems from the story that a car carrying a baby crashed.  The baby was not found when the police came and it was left.  Supposedly if you cross the bridge, you can often hear the faint cry of an infant. 

The Barbee Hotel – The famed hotel on Barbee Lake was once a high-class resort during the time of Al Capone.  The notorious American gangster would stay there often, always in room 301.  Since his death in 1947, hotel employees have reported strange sightings and unexplainable events, such as the smell of cigar smoke in room 301, strange footsteps and an unknown old man that sits at a booth in the bar and seems to disappear before anyone can approach him.

Step Family Cemetery – Located right in the Hoosier National Forrest, legend has it two brothers fought over the inheritance of their father’s land and killed each other.  They were buried in the cemetery before the land become part of the National Forrest.  Visitors have reported odd happenings in the area with the cemetery, such as car engines suddenly dying or sightings of apparitions. 

The Guyer Opera House – The Guyer Opera House in Lewisville has a number of ghosts, commonly referred to as the “Guyer Ghosts,” that supposedly haunt the building.  One is said to be a little boy that was killed in the early 1900s during a Wild West gun show.  During the show, a bullet ricocheted into the audience killing the boy.  The founder of the opera house who died the same year it opened is also said to haunt it; in fact, his funeral was held in the auditorium.




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