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Watch Complete POV VIdeo of Creepyworld Haunted Screampark 2017
Sun, November 05, 2017
Watch the video of a complete POV Walk Thru of Creepyworld America's longest haunted house.  Creepyworld is located in St Louis Missouri and will open for the Transworld Haunted House Tradeshow in March for the haunted attraction industry.  Watch the video below and let us know if you think its hte longest haunt you've ever seen!  

Trick R Treat Safety Tips 2017 Halloween
Sun, October 29, 2017
Hauntworld Provides Parents with Halloween Tips to make Trick or Treating safe and fun! Trick or treating can and has been dangerous for some children if they do not take safety serious.  We know trick or treating because hey our staff tricked and treated until we where 16 years old and
Read More ...


Provides Parents with Halloween Tips to make Trick or Treating safe and fun!

Trick or treating can and has been dangerous for some children if they do not take safety serious.  We know trick or treating because hey our staff tricked and treated until we where 16 years old and now we take our kids.  So make sure you take all of these tips serious and ensure your kids have a safe and very spooky Halloween.  If you have tips you'd like to offer please let us know!  Also do NOT forget to visit your local Halloween Attractions and Haunted Houses.  Be sure to visit the front page of to find haunted houses by state, simply look for the front page map and find a haunt near you.  To find pumpkin patche go to


1)  Do not have your kids wear a costume that drags on the ground. Kids can trip on their own costumes.

2)  Have kids wear a glow necklace or bracelet while they trick or treat.  Have each of your kids wear a different color glow necklace so you know which one is which and who you might be missing.

3)  Parents bring a flash light.

4)  Do not walk in the street stay on sidewalks.

 5)  Wear shoes that fit like tennis shoes.  Do not wear high heels.

6)  Make sure any masks have clear eye holes and have clear breathing holes.  Have the kids double check that they can see and breathe before using at night.

7)  Walk do not RUN!  You'll get there you have all night!

8)  If your kids bring props such as a knife or sword make sure they are flexible not hard or sharp. 

9)  Bring water or gatoraid in case the kids get thirsty. 

10)  If you plan to trick or treat far from your home make sure you park the car somewhere you can remember.  Sometimes you can trick or treat for hours in a strange subdivision and bam you have no clue where you are and the kids are tired.  Here is a tip... trick or treat up and down a street then jump in the car and drive over to the next set of streets.  Keep the car close to where you trick or treat.

11)  Do not walk up to houses that do not have lights on. 

12)  For the greedy kids, if you are one of the last ones out the houses will give you more candy to get rid of it!!! True!  I know I've done it!  It works!  But make sure you don't trick or treat much past 9:30pm to 9:45pm.

13)  Eat before you go out to trick or treat also make sure everyone goes to the bathroom.  Demand they do the bathroom thing before you move!

14)  Make sure Adults accompany the kids and again bring a flashlight. 

15)  Make sure any costume you buy is flame retardant.  Remember those pumpkins out there with candle fire!  Some costumes go up in smoke in seconds!  Make sure your childs isn't one of them!

16)  Stay away from homes with barking animals.

17)  Bring home the haul and eat every bite after its been inspected by a parent! is your home for everything Halloween and Haunted Houses. Have a safe and Happy Halloween! 

Haunted and Halloween Industry Now a 10 Billion Dollar Industry According to
Sat, September 30, 2017
HALLOWEEN IS A $10 BILLION INDUSTRY Profits are Far from Scary for the Fright Business Halloween is big business.  According to, the industry’s leading website, the commerce of Halloween in the U.S. should exceed $10 billion during the 2017 season.  That’s
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Profits are Far from Scary for the Fright Business

Halloween is big business.  According to, the industry’s leading website, the commerce of Halloween in the U.S. should exceed $10 billion during the 2017 season.  That’s a lot of candy, costumes, decorations and tickets to haunted attractions. 

The website directs consumers to find and review Halloween attractions located around the globe.  
One of the largest growth areas in the Halloween trade is the explosion in the number and quality of commercial haunted house attractions. More than $1 billion of the $10 billion spending on Halloween is attributed to ticket purchases at themed haunted sites.  Visiting a haunted attraction is now the single most popular way to celebrate the holiday. 

Haunted attractions strive to make guests feel like they’re experiencing a real-life horror movie, some going as far to use computer animation, giant monsters and even virtual reality to provide the scares the guests enjoy. Many haunts now feature new attractions such as zombie paintball, zombie laser tag, corn mazes, haunted hayrides and escape rooms. 

Professional Halloween attractions are often based at family farms which typically offer traditional pumpkin patches, corn mazes, and hayrides. However, many of these same farms transform into spooky attractions by night and utilize actors portraying frightening characters, creepy lighting, and elaborate décor to provide fear-based fun for their guests. 

This Halloween, American families have many options as to how to celebrate the season. Haunted houses have become more realistic, but at the same time, more family friendly to appeal to larger crowds.  So, what is the best way for your family to experience the Halloween haunt craze? Families with younger children should head to the family farms. Those with teenagers should seek out the scariest haunted house near them.  Find the best haunted attraction for your family by visiting The website provides location and descriptive information about all major haunts, pumpkin patches, corn mazes and hayrides.

According to, the following are rated 2017’s scariest haunted houses in the U.S.:

1. Netherworld - Atlanta, Georgia -
2. The 13th Gate - Baton Rouge, Louisiana -
3. The Dent Schoolhouse - Cincinnati, Ohio -
4. Erebus - Pontiac, Michigan - 
5. Headless Horseman’s Hayrides and Haunted Houses - Ulster Park, New York -
6. Haunted Overload - Lee, New Hampshire -
7. Nashville Nightmare - Nashville, Tennessee
8. Bennett's Curse - Baltimore, Maryland -
9. The Darkness - St. Louis, Missouri -
10. Field of Screams - Mountville, Pennsylvania -
11. Factory of Terror - Canton, Ohio -
12.  Nightmare on 13th - Salt Lake City, Utah -
13.  USS Nightmare - Newport, Kentucky -

Click here to view the entire list of the “Best of” scary to not-so-scary attractions:
Creepyworld Your Complete Guide to Everything New 2017 - Video
Sat, September 30, 2017
Watch the video below to learn everything about the all-new Creepyworld 2017.  You said you wanted even longer, scarier, more screams well we delivered all of that and more.   Creepyworld 2017 is the biggest, longest, and scariest Haunted Screampark in America!  In 2017 we've rebu
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Watch the video below to learn everything about the all-new Creepyworld 2017.  You said you wanted even longer, scarier, more screams well we delivered all of that and more.   Creepyworld 2017 is the biggest, longest, and scariest Haunted Screampark in America!  In 2017 we've rebuilt the entire haunted hayride from scratch creating one of the best in the nation.  Additionally we've added an all new zombie themed haunted house called Quarantine World War Zombie.  Creepyworld like the Darkness has also added several photo ops so bring your camera snap and share pics with your friends.   SO exactly what's new:  Trick R Treat Haunted Hayride (biggest new attraction we've ever built),  Quarantine World War Zombie (the second biggest new haunt we've ever built),  Giant Roaming Monsters (for pictures),  Group Photo Ops (Bring Your Camera),  Every single maze has had new special fx added to ramp up the screams! 

GRAB YOUR FRIENDS and SCREAM WITH US 2017!  Watch the video below and get your tickets NOW  CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS

Remember if you buy your tickets online there is no waiting in long ticket lines.  

Hauntworld Rates America's Top 13 Scariest Haunted Houses 2017
Fri, September 29, 2017
JOIN THE HAUNTWORLD.COM FACEBOOK PAGE TODAY AND GET UP TO THE MINUTE HAUNTED NEWS FROM AROUND THE WORLD Click Here to Join: This article Hauntworld will rate the best and scariest haunted houses in America 2017.  This artic
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scariest haunted houses


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This article Hauntworld will rate the best and scariest haunted houses in America 2017. 

This article Hauntworld will rate the best and scariest haunted houses, Halloween attractions, haunted hayrides, screampark, most extreme haunted houses, biggest and longest haunted attractions and even the SCARIEST horror movies to watch in 2017.  Which haunts have the scariest actors, or features the most extreme screams in 2017.  We rate them all! Every year we our main article is the top 13 scariest haunted houses in America but this year we are featuring the 31 scary haunted attractions for the year 2017. 
The fastest growing industry in America is the Halloween industry. We’ve seen it grow over the last ten years from a 1-billion dollar industry to a near 15-billion dollar industry. Halloween has grown to levels no one ever expected. Today, we see millions of home owners decorating their houses, turning their garages into haunted houses, changing their backyards into cemeteries and inviting people from around the neighborhood into their own personal HAUNTED HOUSE! Today tens of thousands of home owners buy zombies, monsters, tombstones, and crypts and even use specialized lighting to display and showcase their masterpiece. Many even create CGI FX in their windows. The days of Halloween being a kid’s holiday all about trick-or-treating are OVER! Even moms are getting into the act buying Halloween themed decorations to make the interior of the house Halloween themed as well.

Netherworld - Atlanta, Georgia

1. Netherworld - Atlanta, Georgia - is excited to announce its #1 pick for 2017 -  Netherworld Haunted House! For decades, this intense and innovative haunted attraction has remained one of the most popular and famous Halloween events in the nation, renowned for its over the top production value and amazing actors. Netherworld was one of the first haunts to create unique themes and populate the attraction with original monsters and special effects that can be found nowhere else.  Guests are immersed in the Halloween experience from the moment they arrive as massive creatures, sliders and other roaming characters pull them into the frightful fun!  The haunts are all out sensory overload as flying stunt actors, hundreds of special effects, massive puppets and breathtaking sets leave patrons screaming in terror and filled with a sense of awe at the spectacle they have experienced. Now is your last chance to see the Legendary Netherworld Haunted House in its current location before it moves to a massive new facility in the shadow of Stone Mountain, the most popular tourist destination in the state of Georgia.
This season features Primal Scream, an all out war as nature seeks savage vengeance against both mankind and the Netherworld for the evils both have unleashed on the planet!  Then in the dark basement, Mr. Grendel's Funhouse of Horrors in 3D rolls into's a twisted clown fueled nightmare as ancient fiends disguised as clowns seek human flesh!  Don't miss this final high octane blast of horror, the last chapter of NETHERWORLD in Norcross!  Get tickets now at Also new for Netherworld in 2017 is the introduction of their new Escape Games located at Netherworld's future Stone Mountain location, they are open and booking now.  With game themes like Sasquatch, Nosferatu and Haunted, you can safely expect the same high level of detail and fun that Netherworld has been serving up at their haunted houses for over 20 years.  Visit the website at to learn more.



The 13th Gate - Baton Rouge Louisiana

2. The 13th Gate - Baton Rouge, Louisiana - The 13th Gate is one of the most extremely realistic haunts in the country. The artists behind the massive dark attraction are experts at blurring the lines between horror and reality, and guests frequently wonder between screams whether what they are experiencing is real or not. The Attraction’s level of detail, set design, and effects combined with their impressive actors and incredible makeup effects can only be compared to a Hollywood Horror movie. The attraction features a real snake-infested Louisiana Swamp, nightly voodoo shows, claustrophobic cellars, hidden subterranean passages and even a prehistoric ice cave all seamlessly woven together and nothing short of masterful. The haunted house is constantly changing and growing from year to year so guests never know what to expect around the next terrifying corner. If that wasn’t enough, adjacent to the 13th Gate is their secondary attraction, Necropolis Haunted Cemetery. This 40,000 sq. ft. outdoor New Orleans style cemetery has over 400 zombie-infested crypts and mausoleums that guests must explore. Upon entering the attraction, visitors are sent 13 steps down an open grave into dark underground catacombs where they must find an alternate escape up and out into the graveyard where the terror continues! 13th Gate Haunted House is one of the Scariest, most elaborate haunted houses in the country.

The 13th Gate is one of the Scariest, Most Elaborate Haunted Attractions in the Country!

Also located next door is 13th Gate Escape, Louisiana’s Ultimate Escape games. Featuring some of the most detailed escape games in the country, 13th Gate Escape is open year round, 7 days a week.



The Dent Schoolhouse - Cincinnati, Ohio

3. The Dent Schoolhouse - Cincinnati, Ohio - The Dent Schoolhouse is one of the tightest themed haunted houses in the nation.  Taking place in an actual haunted schoolhouse from the 1800's, the schoolhouse follows the legend of its murderous janitor.  Detailed to the max, each scene is right out the 1950's and looks just like a horror movie.  The attraction has been featured on BuzzFeed, E!, Travel Channel, HGTV, Skin Wars and many others.  The Dent Schoolhouse is full of state of the art animatronics that make each scene better than the next!  For 2017 the scenic crew made over 4,000 skulls to make a massive catacomb that ends with a 14 foot tall monster.  The attraction's theme also is taking place during a vintage Halloween.  Carved out human faces, 150 + carved light pumpkins, and an old trick-or-treat stage show greets guests before they get into the attraction.  Plus, over 20 clowns pack into the school’s gymnasium to give you a “fun” festival that you will never forget. 



Erebus - Pontiac, Michigan

4. Erebus - Pontiac, Michigan - Erebus is the result of Dr. Colber who worked for the government to build a time machine.  After leaving the government, he worked on the time machine on his own.  Successful at sending people back into time, with the only one glitch the time period looked at the people like a virus and wiped them out.  Determined to over come this glitch he sent in group after group of his own personnel. Unsuccessful, he ended up broke and lacking the proper personnel to run his machine. Dr. Colber came up with a brilliant idea to disguise his time machine as a haunted house and have the general public help fund his project and use the people going through as human guinea pigs.
Erebus Facts:

• Over 1/2 mile walk inside the building as things grab you, bite you, land on top of you, and then we will bury you alive.

• On average over 500 people chicken out and 75 people wet themselves (confirmed wettings by managers) per year.

• Beaumont Doctors did a study here on fear and concluded that going through Erebus was like a aerobic work out for your heart.

• Looking to have some fun without fear!  Check out Erebus Escape - Your Premium Escape Room Destination!

Located just 6 blocks north of Erebus Haunted Attraction in Downtown Pontiac, MI. #funwithoutfear



Headless Horseman - Ulster Park, New York

5. Headless Horseman’s Hayrides and Haunted Houses - Ulster Park, New York -  Stampeding into its 25th season - Headless Horseman Hayrides and Haunted Houses is a force to be feared!  “A New York Nightmare!”

New for 2017:

The Resurrection is an evil 65-acre event located in the historic haunted Hudson Valley, includes a one mile hayride filled with 25 years of dead and living villians, monsters, and creatures returning to terrorize you, and a 4 acre corn maze.  Haunted Houses include: The Lunar Motel – We Await Your Arrival; The Dark Chapel, a 32-foot tall entrance to the Horseman’s Tomb – Say your Prayers; Dr. Dark’s Side Show; in addition to five other attractions: Glutton’s Diner and Slaughterhouse, Dark Harvest Cornmaze, Nightshade Nursery & Greenhouse, The Feeding, and Two Raven’s Manor, as well as a magic illusion show nightly.  Headless Horseman Hayrides and Haunted Houses continually evolves with unique monsters, amazing illusions, stunning special FX, original costumes, makeup, frightening animations, and artistic detail created by our sister company American Made Monster Studios.  Only the strong will survive the intense encounters with the infamous Headless Horseman.

The attraction also includes line actors, four themed gift shops: Magic Moon Gift Shop, Scare Ware, Fear Gear, Phantom Photo, and five food concessions: Evil Eatery, Witch Hazels, Croaked Crow, The Coffee Cauldron, and Deadly Donuts. We employ over 350 actors and staff trained to provide a memorable and enjoyable evening for the whole family.

We pride our self on professionalism and detail that sets us apart from the rest.

In addition, the creators of Headless Horseman Hayrides and Haunted Houses are proud to present "Headless Horseman Escape Rooms", a real-life escape experience - a first for the Historic Hudson Valley.

Visit us at: and



Haunted Overload - Lee, New Hampshire

6. Haunted Overload - Lee, New Hampshire - Haunted Overload has that name for a reason. Over-the-top gigantic, original set designs propel this haunt into a class of its own. Described as The Ultimate Halloween Experience, Haunted Overload seeks to give its loyal fans an all-out assault on their senses. Immersing them in a traditional Halloween themed environment like no other. Hundreds of hand carved Jack-O-Lanterns light the way through massive looming faces and creatures—and that's just the queue! Patrons will encounter terror around every twist in the wooded trail. Intense sound, professional actors, mind-blowing costumes, creative lighting and dense fog all come together in the New England forest to make it an unforgettable experience. Haunted Overload can be found every year on various best haunts lists both nationally and internationally and won the grand prize on The Great Halloween Fright Fight on ABC. At the end of the 2014 season, they hosted guests from the entire haunt industry on the Legendary Haunt Tour. It has been featured on the Weather Channel, NH Chronicle, Haunters The Movie, and even an upcoming coffee table book titled HAUNT. Every year the dedicated Haunted Overload crew works tirelessly to improve the experience and takes each added scene to unimagined new heights—literally as well as figuratively. Scenes like the Victorian-themed Abaddon Hall and giant Sinister Circus stun patrons with their detail. Many surprises await fans for Haunted Overload's 10th year of fear anniversary this season. Haunted Overload is partnered with the Cocheco Valley Humane Society and gives a percentage of its proceeds to help local animals. It’s located at DeMeritt Hill Farm, a traditional stop for apple picking, blueberries, pumpkins and home-made goodies from the farm store. The farm also offers seasonal holiday hayrides and classes.



Nashville Nightmare - Madison, Tennessee

7. Nashville Nightmare - Madison, Tennessee - : Nashville Nightmare, the winner of the USA Todays best Haunted House in America for 2016, continues to grow and change year after year! Nashville Nightmare punishes guests with four massive Haunted Attractions taking up more than 50,000 sq feet. Filled with immersive environments, movie quality sets, top notch acting, and elaborate costumes and makeup, it's no wonder why Nashville Nightmare is one of the best Haunted Houses nation wide! From the moment you arrive until the second you leave, Nashville Nightmare will keep you entertained the entire night!

New for 2017 at Nashville Nightmare: Phantoms and Reformatory Haunted Attractions. All new concessions and beer sales areas. Extended outside clown maze. Brand new indoor ticket booths. All new grand entryway into the park!!! Opening date is September 15th!




Bennett's Curse - Baltimore, Maryland

8. Bennett's Curse - Baltimore, Maryland - The legendary Bennett's Curse is back in 2017 with our most terrifying show to date! We are proud to introduce Bennett's Curse ULTIMATE FEAR EXPERIENCE! With an even greater focus on fear, you will NOT find a SCARIER haunted house anywhere around. From asylum patients to classic monsters and everything in between the ULTIMATE FEAR EXPERIENCE will offer everything you've come to expect from Maryland/DC's #1 Halloween Attraction, and a whole lot more!! We've taken our best scares and best scenes along with our scariest monsters while adding many amazing new surprises all combining to unleash pure terror on all those brave enough to visit. Visit us at our all new temporary location at 7875A Eastpoint Mall in Baltimore County, MD  next to Shoppers World and take advantage of our new dynamic pricing for an amazing value to enter one of America's best Haunts!



The Darkness - St. Louis, Missouri

9. The Darkness - St. Louis, Missouri - The Darkness haunted house is considered one of if not the single best haunted attraction in America by the industry itself.  The Darkness is a true factory of nightmares! The Darkness features several attractions in one location including Zombie Laser Tag, Silo-X Zombie Haunted Experience, 3 Minute Horror themed Escape Room, Outdoor Scream Zones, St Louis Escape Rooms, Monster Museums and so much more.  The Darkness is located downtown St Louis spanning over 50,000 SCREAMING FEET of SHEER TERROR!  The Darkness holds the record for the most animated fx in the entire industry including multi motion animation, digital video fx, and scary animations.  The Darkness also features over 100 zombies, monsters, demons and creatures that go bump in the night.  The Darkness has been featured on multiple reality shows, television haunt specials ranging from Shipping Wars, Myth Busters, Modern Marvels to featured articles in USA Today.  Your worst fears lurk inside The Darkness haunted house.



Field of Screams - Mountville, Pennsylvania

10. Field Of Screams - Mountville, Pennsylvania -  Field of Screams is one of the scariest haunted scream parks in America located Lancaster County PA.  Terrorizing over one million victims to date, Field of Screams is celebrating 25 YEARS OF FEAR in 2017!  Field of Screams was voted #1 by USA TODAY, featured on the Travel Channel and the Howard Stern Show, and written about in Time Magazine and Newsweek.  Boasting 4 Impressive Attractions, Field of Screams is a show that must not be missed.  The Horrifying Haunted Hayride will be the most disturbing ride of your life through thick rows of corn.  The distorted Den of Darkness will leave you trembling in fear.  The Frightmare Asylum is packed full of demented doctors and nasty nurses just waiting to treat you.  And the wicked woods of The Nocturnal Wasteland will give you lasting nightmares.  Described by many as the Haunted Attraction with the Ultimate Atmosphere, enjoy your time in between the Haunts in our impressive Entertainment Area full of additional entertainment, games, food, photo booth, and souvenir shop.  PREPARE TO BE TERRIFIED.




Factory of Terror - Canton, Ohio


11. Factory Of Terror - Canton, Ohio - The Factory of Terror in Canton, Ohio has won the Guinness World Record 3 times as the Longest Indoor Haunted Attraction in the world.  Entering into our 17th season, the Factory is filled to the brim with unbelievable scenery, jaw-dropping special effects, and terrifying actors. Located inside an abandoned 150,000 sq. ft. aluminum foundry, we feature 5 full attractions totaling over a mile in length. In addition, we offer concessions, merchandise, multiple photos ops, and restrooms for our guests’ convenience. Also available on the premises are 7 escape rooms.



Nightmare on 13th - Salt Lake City, Utah

12. Nightmare on 13th - Salt Lake City, Utah - Nightmare on 13th has been scaring guests for 28 years. It has been regarded as one of the Top Haunted Attractions in the nation and is well known for constantly changing. The creators of the Nightmare on 13th work year around to create highly realistic sets and over the top special effects that their guests have come to expect. This year’s Nightmare is no exception, it takes you to the darker side of Halloween.

The new and improved Nightmare Courtyard will be your first stop.  Once inside, you will encounter the legendary story of Sleepy Hollow, tread carefully or you may just lose your head. Back by popular demand, Dark Harvest has returned for its revenge. And finally why do the sewers echo with laughter and smell of cotton candy? IT is here! All this and much more will prove to you why Nightmare on 13th is truly Utah’s Legendary Haunted Attraction.




USS Nightmare - Newport, Kentucky

13. USS Nightmare - Newport, Kentucky - Now in its 25th season, The USS Nightmare is Greater Cincinnati’s longest running haunted attraction and the only haunt located on the Ohio River on a former steam-powered dredging vessel. During its 25-year history, The USS Nightmare has been annually recognized both regionally and nationally as a top-rated haunted attraction—most recently rated #4 by The Scare Factor. The haunted dredge boat tour consists of more than 40 scenes spread out over 20,000 square feet with movie quality makeup, special effects, lighting and sound. During the 30+ minute tour, faint-of-heart guests can opt-out by locating one of the 6 possible escape routes.

The story of The USS Nightmare begins many years ago when the former dredging vessel, the William S. Mitchell, mysteriously broke free from its moorings wreaking havoc for miles down the river. Although no one was thought to be aboard at the time, the boat's eventual demise revealed a much different story.

The USS Nightmare is the resurrection of the William S. Mitchell. The boat is in the exact condition it was left in the aftermath of the Mitchell Massacre. To this very day, anyone who enters is tormented by the sinister past of this former dredging vessel – including the cast and crew of our haunted dredge boat tour.






Find the biggest and best haunted house suppliers, supplies, masks, zombies, monsters, animations, special fx and every thing between to build and create your own haunted house this Halloween season.  Are you looking to build or create your own haunted house for profit, or for a charity event or anything between?  Here at we help haunted house owners all over the World find the best and scariest animations, costumes, to illusions all the way to the best companies who build modular haunted houses.  Are you looking for the best 3D blacklight haunted house, or simply someone to design or consult you on your next haunted attraction?  Are you looking for companies that sell animation control systems, or companies that offer liability insurance for haunted houses?  Maybe you need cob web guns, or fog machines?  Do you need a company to print your haunted house t-shirts, or design a logo or create a haunted house website?  Maybe you are looking for how to books, videos, dvd's, or need to locate the best haunted house tradeshows, events, and more.  No matter what you are looking for to build and create your own haunted house from safety equipment like fire retardant to online ticketing companies to the best lighting and sound companies will help you find the best haunted house suppliers for your next Haunted Halloween Attraction.

You can find on these pages the best companies the industry has to offer we however strongly suggest you visit the vendors who are featured on the first page.  There are many vendors over the years who did not supply companies what they paid for and or their equipment didn't live up to what was promised.  That is why here on haunted house vendor directory you can find profiles for vendors and leave feedback.  We strongly suggest you leave feedback especially when you have a postive transaction with vendors. 

Our data base of vendors grows each day so check back often as our goal is to feature up to 1000 different companies which will provide haunted house owners the best products and services.  Our system is the most advanced, updated and used system on the web for finding all haunted house vendors, suppliers, and events. Thank you for using our system and again please leave reviews for each vendor.  Happy Haunting.

Find the best haunted house vendors, suppliers, and events here at

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