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Nebraska Haunted Houses can be found here at Are you looking for the biggest, best and scariest haunted houses in Nebraska? Every haunted attraction in Nebraska from haunted houses, haunted attractions, hayrides, corn mazes, Screamparks, to everything between can be found on these pages. If you are looking for the best and scariest haunted houses in Omaha, Lincoln or Grand Island, Nebraska the scariest haunts are found here at HauntWorld. Nebraska Haunted Houses are some of the best and scariest haunted houses. We offer a zip code finder so you can locate the scariest haunted houses in Nebraska closer to where you live.
Scary Acres in Omaha, Nebraska - - 21867 Views
NE Located in Omaha, Nebraska Three awesome attractions, The Masters Castle, The House on the Hill, NEW!!! The Haunted Woods!

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Scare Factor: 9.6 Skulls
Monsters/Actors: 9.3 Skulls
Originality: 9.2 Skulls
Sets, Detail, Theming: 9.3 Skulls
Special FX: 9.3 Skulls
46.69 out of 50 Skull Rating
Bellevue Berry Farm & Pumpkin Ranch in Papillion, Nebraska - - 5528 Views
Come to the Bellevue Berry and Pumpkin Ranch and see the West is Fun. Back to the old west outlaws and gunslingers were around every corner. We have recreated a real Old West ghost town where spirits of the past are alive and well. Take a tour of the ghost town, then explore the mines and caves. You can even hide out in the huge tree house. We are convinced you'll get an experience here that you can't get anywhere else. We will make this your best Halloween yet! Come on out for some ghost town fun, pick your own pumpkins, and enjoy our Ranch of Terror trails!

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Pumpkin Festival at Bloom Where You're Planted Farm in Avoca, Nebraska - - 5164 Views
Bloom Where You're Planted Farm offers a big dose of fall fun with an emphasis on the agricultural side of autumn. We’re not a theme park--we offer lots of fresh air, wide open spaces, recreation and relaxation, all for the best price around and in a beautiful seasonal setting. The Pumpkin Festival is held every fall. We also offer field trips, birthday parties, campfire parties and family picnics in the spring, summer and fall (see Parties page for details). There's something for everyone at Bloom Where You're Planted Farm, and we hope you'll stop by for a visit soon!

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Eagle Hollow Haunts in Eagle, Nebraska - - 4364 Views

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Scare Factor: 9.4 Skulls
Monsters/Actors: 9.2 Skulls
Originality: 9.6 Skulls
Sets, Detail, Theming: 9.3 Skulls
Special FX: 9.5 Skulls
47.12 out of 50 Skull Rating
terror on 12th street in Crete, Nebraska - - 2855 Views
Terror On 12th Street is Nebraska's longest running non-profit haunted house. Last year we added BoneShaker to our attraction list. This year both haunted houses are being updated and BoneShaker will become Nebrasa's only Pitch Black haunted house. We wrap things up with the Savin' Sokol Halloween Festival the last weekend of October to complete our month long reign of terror. If your looking for fear, you'll find it here.

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Scare Factor: 9.4 Skulls
Monsters/Actors: 9 Skulls
Originality: 9 Skulls
Sets, Detail, Theming: 9 Skulls
Special FX: 9.3 Skulls
45.60 out of 50 Skull Rating
Roca Scary Farm in Roca, Nebraska - - 2390 Views
NE Located in Roca, Nebraska, Roca Berry Farms Four Nebraska haunted house attractions at one location for one price: (1) The Psycho Path Haunted Walk (2) Haunted Hayrack Ride(3) The Haunted Manor Haunted House:(4) The Roca Shootout

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Scare Factor: 7.5 Skulls
Monsters/Actors: 7.3 Skulls
Originality: 6.2 Skulls
Sets, Detail, Theming: 7.6 Skulls
Special FX: 6.3 Skulls
34.90 out of 50 Skull Rating
Haunted Hollow in La Vista, Nebraska - - 1419 Views
Haunted Hollow was built with one thing in mind, to give you the best night of entertainment in the fall. After talking to many people we learned that it was the same comment, haunted houses were a long wait in line, a tour of an attraction & you were done. So we decided to give more. Our first year we opened with three attractions each year we add more. Now with a total of over 20 attractions.

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Scare Factor: 9.8 Skulls
Monsters/Actors: 9 Skulls
Originality: 8.7 Skulls
Sets, Detail, Theming: 8.3 Skulls
Special FX: 8.4 Skulls
44.07 out of 50 Skull Rating
Nightmare On Q Street in Omaha, Nebraska - - 1353 Views
The Midwest's 1st & ONLY Money Back Haunt! Make it through All the attractions, get ALL of your money back! Think you can handle it??

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Scare Factor: 7.8 Skulls
Monsters/Actors: 6.8 Skulls
Originality: 6.2 Skulls
Sets, Detail, Theming: 6.5 Skulls
Special FX: 7 Skulls
34.20 out of 50 Skull Rating
Blood Lust in Papillion, Nebraska - - 1300 Views

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Scare Factor: 0 Skulls
Monsters/Actors: 0 Skulls
Originality: 0 Skulls
Sets, Detail, Theming: 0 Skulls
Special FX: 0 Skulls
0.00 out of 50 Skull Rating
Trail of Terror in La Vista, Nebraska - - 782 Views
We are only open halloween night and there is no charge to get in. If you came last year, this year will be bigger and better. We accept donations towards next years attraction.

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Scare Factor: 8 Skulls
Monsters/Actors: 9 Skulls
Originality: 9 Skulls
Sets, Detail, Theming: 9 Skulls
Special FX: 8 Skulls
43.00 out of 50 Skull Rating
Roca scary farm in Roca, Nebraska - - 310 Views
Visit Roca Scary Farm at night and experience fall fright on the Psycho Path, Haunted Manor, Haunted Hayrack Ride, Fort Where Am I, and more!

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Carnival of Terror in Omaha, Nebraska - - 30 Views
The Carnival Of Terror is located in the underbelly of the HOLLYWOOD CANDY building in Omaha's historic Old Market district. This haunt is a true test of a person's nerve and bravery. When you enter the haunt you descend two levels under ground, who will make it out............ The haunt is also available for corporate and private parties with our own theater and eatery.

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Scare Factor: 9.1 Skulls
Monsters/Actors: 9.5 Skulls
Originality: 9.6 Skulls
Sets, Detail, Theming: 9.5 Skulls
Special FX: 9.5 Skulls
47.21 out of 50 Skull Rating
Camp Fontanelle - The Maize in Fontanelle, Nebraska - - 8 Views
During the summer Camp Fontanelle serves Campers as young as preschool age. Over 10 weeks in the summer, Camp Fontanelle serves and ministers to over 500 campers. In the Fall Camp Fontanelle becomes a wonderful Fall attraction for families and maze enthusiasts. Our prayer is that while you enjoy the Fall activities of our Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze at a family friendly price, that you will stay connected with us and share in our other activities and ministries.

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Nebraska Haunted Houses have grown over the years to feature some really amazing haunted houses some of which have been featured on Travel Channel. Several years ago when we visited haunted houses in the Omaha, Nebraska area  the haunted houses in Nebraska seemed to be around every corner especially in the Omaha, Nebraska area.  Haunted houses are very popular form of entertainment and more haunted houses in Nebraska can be found at On you will find every type of haunted houses in Nebraska from a haunted hayride, haunted house, Halloween Attractions, ghost tours, to paranormal ghost hunting. Read all about the best and scariest haunted houses in the state of Nebraska here at


When looking for a scary or the best haunted house in Nebraska look no further than the area of Omaha, Nebraska because this is an absolute hotbed for haunted houses Omaha, Nebraska.  Nebraska has more haunted houses than almost any other state in America, and not only do they have several haunts but they have some of the best found anywhere. Nebraska has many cities with great haunted houses especially Nebraska area which has more of the top rated haunts than any other city in America.


There are several haunted houses in and around Omaha, Nebraska or in regional area's around Omaha, Nebraska. Omaha, Nebraska is not far from many other cities and states that also have several haunted houses for example you could jump on one highway and drive straight to Des Moines, Iowa or St. Louis, Missouri and clearly Lincoln, Nebraska is not far away. 


When trying to decide what haunted houses in Omaha, Nebraska to visit make sure you choose the ones on the FIRST page of our directory as these are the best ones in the state.  Also make sure you vote on our poll to determine the best haunted house in Nebraska and tweet this page or share with facebook to help others find the scariest haunted houses in Nebraska.


Use the zip code finder here on to find the best and scariest haunted houses in Omaha, Nebraska.



In Omaha, Nebraska you will find Scary Acres Haunted Attraction which has been the most attended haunted house in Omaha.   Scary Acres is Omaha's Ultimate Halloween Atrraction with 3 spine tingling haunted houses in one you are sure to be scared more than you can imagine.  


 Please be sure to rate and review haunted houses in Nebraska leaving comments on this page or join our facebook page and share your experiences.  We look forward to hearing all about your best haunted experiences in Nebraska.


Find the best and scariest haunted houses, real haunts, Halloween attractions, Hayrides and more near and in the Omaha, Nebraska area.  


The town of Omaha is known for many haunting  tales and a history of all it's own.  One being  Omaha's Mystery Manor, it has been given the title of Omaha's most haunted house.  It is described as a large, brick building that dates back to the late 1800's and is very dark and very disturbing.  The history of the house has been discribed as very sad and disturbing.  The ghosts that still linger in the home are the victims  of violent crimes committed 100's of years ago.  It has been reported you can still hear their screams through the walls. 


Omaha is also home to many great park with great history attached.  Hummel Park, which is said to be one of the most haunted places in Omaha, Nebraska and rumored to be an ancient Native American burial ground.  The park is over 200 acres and has a very eerie feel to it.  It is filled with steep hills and winding, dirt roads. It is a fact that there have been many suicides here and that is where the name "Devil's Slide" comes from.  Erosion has washed the area free from trees and resulted in steep cliffs and sharp drop-offs. One of the biggest mysteries attached with Hummel Park in omaha, Nebraska are the trees that bow over the road entering the park. It is believed that many black men and women were hanged from these trees in the early 1900’s by local racist lynch mobs and their souls still dangle from the trees. There are many reports ofrom visitors hearing their screams and cries coming from this park late at night.  There have also been many reports of paranormal activity of Hummel Park.  All the scream and cries makes this one of the scariest places to try and visit especially at night in Omaha, Nebraska. 


In additional there are many ghost tours, and other real haunted house places throughout Nebraska.  Find the best haunted houses and more here at


To find pumpkin patches in your area go to


If you visit a haunted house in your area please come back and rate and review your experience.


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