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Nightmare At Gravity Hill
1005 Farmingdale Rd
Jackson, New Jersey, 08527

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Have you heard of the tale of Gravity Hill in Jackson? There’s a road where if you stop your car, shift it in neutral, the car will mysteriously be pushed up hill by an unknown force. The story behind Gravity Hill goes back into Jackson’s dark past, from a time when Jackson’s number one tourism draw was the countless acres of wooded forest and secluded fields frequented by New York and North Jersey’s mafia kingpins of the forties and fifties. You see, back then, Jackson was a notorious drop off point for those who had “conflicts of interest” with organized crime syndicates. Those who owed money earned a one way ticket to the Pine Barrens.
Another story of Gravity Hill revolves around a young girl being brutally murdered in the 19th century in a home near Gravity Hill which is adjacent to Cicconi Farms. Why does your car mysteriously get pushed up hill? Some say that the ghost of the girl’s father pushes cars up the hill to take them away from the danger where his daughter was brutally murdered. Some people even say that if you sprinkle baby powder on the trunk of your car, when you get to the top of Gravity Hill, you will see hand prints in the dust.
The story of Gravity Hill actually goes back much further and rises from the dead as one of New Jersey’s largest terror walks. This is no hayride and is not for the faint of heart. The walk brings visitors close and personal with the Haunted past. Dare to step through the village Gates at Gravity Hill you will be Terrorized by an army of Ghouls, Zombies and the Macabre. You Can’t Wake From This Nightmare! This is definitely not a hayride !
Also Check Out Zombie Zone Paintball!! The Apocalypse has descended upon Gravity Hill. Harmony and Civility are no longer in order; Chaos and Mayhem rule the night. Gravity Hill is now the land of Zombies and Evil Deeds! The few healthy residents that remain are deep in hiding- They are looking for brave souls to rid their streets of these evil vermin. Do you have what it takes? Is your aim steady under pressure? Help Save the residents of Gravity Hill !
How do you experience Zombie Paintball you ask? Are you ready to enter the Zombie Paintball Zone? Prepare yourself for two extraordinary rounds of Zombie Paintball fun. The recruit (you) blasts away from a post at live zombies in an apocalyptic city and in the Gravity Hill Chemical Company’s toxic warehouse where the Evil all began! Do you have what it takes to rid the building of its vermin spawn . What you need to know - We provide state of the art paintball equipment, paintballs and zombies, you will not need to wear padded protective equipment, you will not get shot – you provide the deadly aim and courage!

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