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Phobia House
76 North 10th Street
Plainwell, Michigan, 49080

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Halloween is creeping up, and for all of our Michigan and out of state victims (guests), that means tons of screams, squeals, shrieks, and cries in the night. As you wander through our phobia infested nightmare, you will want to be wearing your running shoes because this year, the 14th anniversary of Phobia House, has Phobia House and the Scream Team designing an experience which encompasses some of the best of years past. We will strive to make this the scariest Halloween ever.

This year the phobias are back, the killers are back, and worst of all, your nightmares have been given a new home - Phobia House 2014!

(One of Michigan's premier haunted attractions!)

We challenge you to

Rather than tell you how scary Phobia House is, I would like for my victims to do so. What follows are a few of the endorsements that our victims either E-mailed to us or told us. These endorsements are all in the words of our victims.

We enjoyed your attraction. We just wanted to let you know that we really enjoyed it. We especially like how some of the characters were up above scaring and some also followed us out to our cars. We will surely be back next year to see what you've come up with if we are in town.

We LOVED the Phobia House in Kalamazoo. Went last night!! Great job.. great staff.. great fun.. you guys do a kick-ass job. Don't EVER tone it down or make it PC.. I am 45 years old, and you scared the living $#!+ out of me.. and I loved it. Especially the fake endings.

Our ticket price is $15.00 each (cash only)

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