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Gravensteen Behind The Scenes Year 1

We started our first commercial haunt last year (2013) these are the pics I took.
  1. This is one of our actors showing the size of the coffin and the uprights that our other builder made for them.
  2. I built the coffins you see here. I wanted to stand them up to hold props that may or may not have a live person in them.
  3. This is our cemetery area. to begin, I designed these mini houses to guide people along the path. They were later decorated.
  4. For our last area I built this giant oven. Here is the very beginning of the facade.
  5. I wanted to add a large display to break up some space. This stone pillar would go on to hold an actor in chains.
  6. I built the completed facade to the mausoleum.
  7. I took cardboard tubes and 2x4's to make a frame for our first big scare in the cemetery.
  8. I built these columns for the cemetery area and each one had drop windows.
  9. The Abyss Logo
  10. Website preview from RedCrow Designs
  13. castleoffear06
  14. insanity01
  15. castleoffear01
  16. castleoffear10
  17. castleoffear12
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