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Thank you for visiting HauntWorld  the most advanced haunted and Halloween attraction directory on the web. Hauntworld.com is dedicated to promoting the haunted house industry, which includes haunted houses, attractions, events and vendors who provide products and services.  HauntWorld helps you find haunted houses nationwide and additionally offer the national media information about the haunted house industry.  Do you need information for stories about haunted house or Halloween Attractions please contact us. If you see information about listing your event, subscribing to HauntWord Magazine (Haunted House Magazine), or advertisement for your Haunted House or Halloween Attractions see our contract information below.  We are can provide information about national sales of haunted house industry, zombie runs, pick your own pumpkin patches and much more.

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If you're doing a story about Halloween, Haunted Houses, etc. please contact us today. We will be more than happy to provide you with information about our industry.

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We also own and operate the largest haunted house website on the net: Hauntworld.com and also publishes the #1 industry magazine by the same name Hauntworld Magazine. Larry can supply information about the haunted house industry and sponsorships to America Haunts.

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For additional Media Information Check These Sites www.hauntedhouseassociation.org  (The official assocaition of the haunted attraction industry) www.hauntedhousemagazine.com  (Official magazine of the haunted house industry) www.hauntedhousesupplies.com  (Find DVD's, Books, Props and more).   Find Pumpkin Patches at www.HalloweenAttractions.com

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