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Hauntworld.com is the World's Biggest Haunted Attraction web site.

There are several ways to market your haunted house supply company, retail store, haunted attraction, horror movies with Hauntworld.com. Please click on the information that best suits your needs.Hauntworld Can help your business FIND new customers and send target traffic to your website. 2019 is going to be a HUGE year helping haunted houses find new customers. 

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Hauntworld.com is the World’s #1 haunted house and Halloween Attraction website helping millions of people find Halloween attractions including haunted houses, hayrides, corn mazes, pumpkin patches, escape rooms & more.

Create a FREE account & Haunt Listing on our website today, or login to your existing Haunt Listing to make 2019 updates.

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The ALL-NEW Hauntworld offers the latest haunted, escape and horror news on a weekly basis, plus new directories to help people find everything from haunted attractions to escape rooms. The new Hauntworld.com also features Google map technology which helps with local and regional searches.

NEW FOR 2019
Hauntworld now offers profile listings rather than banners. Banners are now merged into your state page listing. The new look streamlines Hauntworld.com and helps consumers to search and find attractions.

Hauntworld.com offers premium page 1 listings and free page 2 listings. Leaderboard banners can still be purchased which are located at the top of each state page.

Hauntworld Magazine will now only be found on Hauntworld.com All featured articles, subscriptions, buying back issues, finding vendors, events and more will now only be hosted on hauntworld.com

New Features
• Ratings: Now each profile will show consumers your ratings and reviews from Google, Facebook, Yelp, Trip Advisor and Hauntworld. Consumers now can easily leave a review of your haunt on Hauntworld.

• Massive overhaul of the entire site to comply with new google standards, along with a very expensive ongoing SEO campaign to ranking Hauntworld in the top 10 of each major search category.

• Hauntworld Magazine featured articles will now only be found within Hauntworld.com including the subscription options.

• Hauntworld has the largest haunt following on social media with 600,000 Facebook fans. Hauntworld will use this group to promote every single featured haunted house in 2019.

• Learn how to get your featured listings FREE by signing up with Fearticket.com the best haunted house ticketing system now with box office solutions.

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Escape Game Directory
Do you own or operate an Escape Game? Hauntworld.com now offers free listings for Escape Games, helping our online guests find your attractions year around. By this summer, Hauntworld will feature more than 1,000 escape room listings.

Hauntworld.com attracts over 3,000,000 guests in off season months helping people find attractions, so it's important to list your Escape Room TODAY!





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“Advertising with Ads on Hauntworld.com is a no-brainer for us every year.  Next to Google, Hauntworld.com sends the most referral traffic to our website consistently every year.”
- Jim Schopf  | Field of Screams

"Hauntworld.com was the number one source for referral traffic during Sept. and Oct. 2013, sending 80.69% of the traffic to our website.  Advertising on Hauntworld is a no brainer, no other website comes close to the amount of traffic they send.

- Tony Wohlgemuth | Kersey Valley Spookywoods, NC

"One of the best ways to send Traffic to Your website (and ultimately more people to your attraction) is, without a doubt, Hauntworld.com. Hauntworld sends us more traffic than any other haunt-related site and their banner program is one of our essential online advertising tools. Highly recommended!"

- Dwayne Sanburn | 13th Gate, LA

"We have advertised on Hauntworld heavily every year since it began…A great way to target haunted house goers in your market and a vital part of your attractions advertising budget!"

- Ben Armstrong | Netherworld, GA

"Hauntworld.com is a driving force in our marketing campaign for Headless Horseman Hayrides and Haunted Houses for advertising exposure and ticket sales."

- Nancy Jubie | Headless Horseman, NY

"Hauntworld.com advertisements have been a staple in our campaigns for years, yielding thousands of hits to our website and increasing attendance every season!"

- Eric Lowther | Haunted Overload, NH

"Hauntworld.com was huge for Bennett's Curse this year. Hauntworld.com was our #1 referral website and it made a huge impact for our online marketing strategy this year. Hauntworld.com was worth every penny."

- Jill Bennett | Bennett’s Curse & Creepywoods, MD

"Hauntworld.com sent our website over 28,000 visitors!"

- Randy Bates | Bates Motel & Haunted Hayride / Pennhurst Asylum, PA

"Outside of Google direct, Hauntworld.com sent our website THE MOST traffic, nearly 17,000 visitors!”

- The Darkness St. Louis, MO

“As you probably know, the ads are a GREAT deal.  Hauntworld sent us 15,322 visitors this year and HauntedHouseOnline sent us 6,947 visitors... 
Sign us up again!"

- Brett Bertolino | Terror Behind the Walls, PA



Can’t find that certain product or company? Log into Hauntworld.com and click FIND HAUNT VENDORS for over 500 listed companies ready to fulfill your supply and service needs:  www.hauntworld.com/haunted_house_suppliers

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Contact Patti Ludwinski at patti@hauntworld.com or 314-629-3940 or Larry Kirchner info@hauntworld.com



Hauntworld.com allows users to create your own website within the website including unique URLs.

When updating your Haunted House Listing, you can embed your Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, and YouTube pages, so whenever you update your social media it automatically appears on your Hauntworld profile.

On your Hauntworld.com haunted house profile, you can upload your latest graphics, logos & photos, plus create blogs about your attraction, update an interactive calendar, activate Google maps, and hotlink your online ticketing link so that shoppers can quickly move from a shopper to a BUYER of your haunted house tickets.


Hauntworld.com profiles are FREE; However FREE profiles only appear through certain search engine searches.

Second page listings are FREE! Page one premium positions start as low as $100 based on your state.

Begin by creating your FREE profile today and the system will prompt you to purchase Page-1 or Page-2 if you choose. Use our tools to create a virtual website for your business. Users can
get directions, videos, photos, social media, buy ticket, read descriptions and much more.


Contact Patti Ludwinski at patti@hauntworld.com or 314-629-3940 or Larry Kirchner info@hauntworld.com

When Submitting your ad for advertisement please ensure all graphics are jpeg, gif or png.
Leaderboard banners - 960x110 under 60k • Side bar banners 150x570 under 50k.


Build Your Brand with FEATURED ARTICLES Haunts and Escapes!

Some of the biggest haunted attractions in the industry have built national brands appearing on TV specials, national press and more. Most of these haunted houses featured over and over again have one thing in common... They’ve all purchased Featured Articles on Hauntworld.com and inside Hauntworld Magazine. Nearly every
single media outlet that creates a top ten scariest haunt list uses Hauntworld as their major source of information. With so many haunted house listings on Hauntworld.com, Featured Articles stand out above all other information. Start to build your national brand with a Hauntworld Featured Haunt Article and get your haunted house placed in the spotlight TODAY.

Featured articles are placed inside our America’s Best Haunts Section, inside your profile, on front page Hauntworld blog, and on your state and city page. Additionally, we can give you a copies of the article which you can share on your website, Facebook and your local media. Use Hauntworld to add a lot of credibility to your attraction.

• Cost: $2250 - Includes Digital Online and Print Magazine.

• Digital Online Only: $1499

• Escape Room and Other Types of Halloween Attractions - Digital Online: $995

Each Featured Article includes photos and logos, along with written article, and can also include video. Hauntworld will promote your article throughout our entire system including our Facebook page which has over 600,000 likes.

*Price includes article layout by Brainstorm Design Group.


“The Bennett's Curse feature article was very valuable in helping us receive local and national media attention. When the media visits Hauntworld.com to look for info or Haunted Attractions to feature, it makes sense to have a professional feature highlighting your professional attraction there for them to see.”

- Jill Bennett | Bennett’s Curse & Creepywoods, MD

“Hauntworld.com is the quintessential haunted attraction website.  Thousands of patrons have been informed about my attraction through ads as well as a feature article.”

- Eric Lowther | Haunted Overload, NH

“Hauntworld.com Ads and Featured Articles continue to drive substantial traffic to our event websites year
after year. Easily worth the investment.”

- Todd James | Cutting Edge Haunted House/Thrillvania Haunted House Park, TX


Advertise at Hauntworld.com
Hauntworld.com is the World's #1 Haunted House website.

There are several ways to market your haunted house house supply company, retail store, haunted attraction, horror movies with Hauntworld.com. Please click on the information that best suits your needs. In 2018 Hauntworld was the WORLDS #1 Haunted House and Halloween Attraction website combined with its sister sites we attacted over 50 MILLION visitors looking for haunted attractions. Hauntworld Can help your business FIND new customers and send target traffic to your website.

Please click on our media kits to reserve your space TODAY! 

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Please email our business office for details. info@hauntworld.com

If you want all the DETAILS on purchasing EITHER ads in our magazine or purchase featured listings on our state by state haunt directory,

Please Contact Patti Ludwinski patti@hauntworld.com or by Phone 314-629-3940


Find a haunted house near you by state, city, zip code, rate, review and share all types of haunted houses, hayrides and everything Halloween.  Hauntworld rates and reviews more haunted houses than any other website on the web now featuring over 200 haunted house reviews and over 5000 haunted attractions.  Find a haunted house to hayride near you.
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