Yes. Tonight two old patrons of mine brought their young lady friend here for her first time.
He said, "Yes, there is a "Virgin" in our group."
I hope it's not you!" I said to him.
She had a huge smile almost like adhered to her face ( very nice smile) but she was almost paralyzed by fear!
She was quite "The entertainment" for the rest of us in the room.
Pulling her legs up, coiling herself, ready to suddenly straighten those legs to fight off some invisable Boogety-Man if necessary.
She really hung way back in every situation of the tour, refused to do any little thing that is normally tried by even small kids, saying almost nothing the whole time, it made it difficult to get a "read" on her.
At the tour's conclusion I made sure to ask her if she was all right?
"I really don't want to make anyone's life worse or more difficult than it all ready is."
She then assurred me that she had a great and wonderfull fun time here.
I really thought that she had fun. She seemed to be getting alot of my "jokes", and as it turns out, she was!