So a house tour I gave a month ago concluded with gracious, numerous compliments from all 3 or 4 of the patrons, later I was told they were still impressed as they ate at a local restaurant...then last night the one person (who is local) told my Wife that the one person in their group's "Real" problem in the first room came from me flashing a flashlight repeatedly in his eyes and he can't handle "Strobe Lights!"
I never point a flashlight into any customer's face.( Unless they would be in the middle of physically attacking me.)
We knew this person has a strange ability to create negative situations among almost everyone she comes into contact with(I do feel sorry for her on this) but..Come On!
Do I have to record every front room routine so I can play it back for some of these attention-seeking types? See? You were laughing, having a good time. See? That never happened now did it? No, the film has not been edited!!
All I know is all of them were having a great and fun time, laughing and reacting during my presentation....

Some just HAVE to deal in the negative and I think it becomes addictive, the power they feel as they inflict it upon others.
This is a real and sometimes serious sickness that should be cut out of a person's usual mind-set for Everyone's benefit.