has been updated for 2010 with new website design by ROGUES HOLLOW productions AND 2010 new products are available for order now in the STORE !

LATEX LOGOS service is $135 this month. Have YOUR NAME carved or burned into the skin of the person wearing your haunted attraction shirt ! Not only can we replicate your LOGO in latex, we can also add those knife handles, faces, stitches, alien or mutant growths. We can make whatever you wish...the possibilities are endless !

More costumes and costume accessories added. BUILD YOUR OWN zombie suit or just get the parts you need.

New custom full head masks and new face masks available with more still to come.

NEw props listed and more still to come.

SPECIAL PRICING for orders by the dozen for haunted attraction and costume stores under "specials" in the store.

I HAVE ONLY TWO PNEUMATIC RATZILLA trophy mounts left ! These were $800 each but Its now an item that will not be sold through TwistedTOybox any longer and this is the last of what I have.
LAST TWO HALF PRICE $400 each + shipping.

We are currently working on finishing up a HUGE project that I have been wanting to do for quite awhile. This is somthing that is taking us in a fun new direction with a product that EVERY haunted attraction and horror home will be able to use ! THIS will be unveiled NEXT MONTH ! Be sure to sign up for the NEWSLETTER because newsletter members will get the photos and info FIRST ! We also do giveaways and contest every month for newsletter members so sign up to get the NEWS and maybe just win something FREE !

Chris Russell