Does your house do any sort of actor reward program for a "best" actor/ess on a nightly/ weekly basis? If so... why kind of program do they do?

Our house used to do a program where the casting directors would pick a "best" actor of the night, whom they would announce at the end of the night meeting (and usually give some sort of reward such as gift certificates, one-of-a-kind swag, etc) and then on the last night of the week, they would pick and announce someone who did an exceptionally consistent job for the entire week. Now, they just pull a name out of a hat if you worked that night (no incentive to do a great job, just maintain a heartbeat through the evening).

I proposed a change to our current program, which was green-lighted by the haunt owner, but he wanted to see what other houses around the country were doing (or weren't doing) first.

Thanks for sharing!