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Thread: Killer Klowns UNITE!

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    Jun 2009
    Buffalo, NY
    For my first year working at a pro haunt I must say being a clown was one of the funnest gigs ever! When I'm not in my CFX Frank mask I'm usually clowning around. It's just amazing how so many people just down right hate clowns.

    The laughing, the morbid corny jokes and the simple looks make the role so rewarding. I made a guy jump over some set pieces (which are at least 4 ft high!)

    Here's a photo of me having some fun!
    Matthew Colton
    Frightworld America's Screampark

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    Mar 2008
    Traverse City, Michigan
    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Warfield View Post
    One scare here really gets people calling the Lord's name.
    I then say:"Not even close!"
    Sometimes I would also hear them say, "God help me!"
    (To which smart-azz Jim says):"Sorry he won't be here to help you, I just saw him taking his break up in Charlie's Tavern, he's in the middle of his beer right now!"
    When my patrons say :"God!"
    I respond with a quiet but loud enough to be heard by the one who said this:" Yes!?"
    One of the main things taught in Barber College many years ago was don't talk about religion to your customers!
    oh come on Jim mines way better. A group of teenage girls running through the haunt screaming Hymns cause they're so terrified. They're ruining the show for everyone. I sneak into my hallway and they run right into me...I lean down and whisper "Your God can't help you here. Down here, I make the rules. Down here, I'm god" They go stone silent pause pause SCREAM! It was quite epic

    Now while I may not personally play a clown (it's just not in my personality), I am the clowns best friend. I am the set up for the clowns. I am a cajun carnival barker. I give the clown someone to play off of and its really effective. I can bring a group down and make them calm, perfect for him to scare the crap out of them...KILLER KLOWNS (*cough* from outer space *cough* UNITE!!!

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    Oct 2011
    Bluff City, TN
    Where do I start ? We've been Klowns for 3 years now and even the good scares are running together.. heh heh

    I figure we've had all kinds..I've knocked so many people down my screeching laugh alone..even lost a wall to the tent they went through on more than one occasion. Maybe the time the linebacker ran so fast he plowed straight a wooden wall..than actually stopped him ! lol Maybe the time we ran some patrons out to their truck and then climbed in the back with em' ? I've been a lot of things but a Killer Klown is definitely the best..I think I've really found my inner monster...

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