Hello Haunters:

I was very fortunate to get a lot of Minnesota and National News coverage of my projection FX, which are featured here being used in my own home. [I hope this is in the right place, as I am really showing off my news story, and it is a youtube]. Creating these effects is also a passion for me. My home haunt is exclusively Video Projectors, in 2010 I grew to 8 projectors used at once. Also, some of my projection FX were used on Extreme Home Makeover Halloween Edition.

I got in a newspaper, a local Cable Show, and an internet News Show [note: First TV show to actually show up, in 5 years of no-shows, since NBC Nightly News first found me in 2005, and did not show up either]. So first I am putting parts 1 and 2 of the GIN news story. This is really fun, because it shows everyone what I really do at my own home. I just love Halloween, I love to create and test these effects at my own home, and this 2 part story you will love. There is one sad part to this story. Because of the remoteness of my house to Urban Centers, we get less than 80 Tricker Treaters, cause there is nobody around. THAT is really too bad. SO, thanks to this youtubes, I can share it.