Anyone had any dealings with Dark Raven Designs lately? I was trying to put in an order for $25,000. - $30,000. worth of props, emailed them at least 3 times & left @ least 2 messages! Why do they bother going to Tradeshows/Conventions to sell their products? Their money could be better spent on sending the owners & employees to a customer service seminar because theirs SUCKS! If they can't even return an email or phone call to say "we're not taking any more orders @ this point", than they could @ least retain a possible customer for the future. But when you get ignored from the start it tells you something is not quite right with the company...other than shitty ass service. If I had run my biz like that I wouldn't have lasted 1 year let alone 25+ years. Customer service is crucial but obviously grabbing deposit money is what it seems a lot in this industry turn to. Can't wait til next years conventions so I can stand face to face with some of these companies & listen to their BS excuses! Well that's just my 2 cents!