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Thread: Just to clarify...

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  1. Default Just to clarify... 
    Join Date
    Feb 2012
    Atlantic City (area), NJ
    Sorry, but I couldn't find a forum to properly post this on so...I just want to clarify one thing-for those who care. I chose my name Pickle as it has been my nickname of mine for as long as I can remember. I had no idea there was a "Pickel" (as in Leonard) already on here when i chose that user name. I am not Leonard, not related to Leonard nor do I even know Leonard. I am not making any judgments about Leonard as I have never meant him and can't make any opinions by what I may have read others post (good or bad) on these forums. Some may believe me using "Pickle" is an alias for "Pickel"...it is not. I tried to introduce myself as best I could in detail in my very first post (I believe in Feb. 2012).

    I know this has nothing to do with "haunts" but I just wanted it to be clear as I think (by some post now & than) that I am trying to "sneak" into a thread under an alias. If its spelled "Pickle" its me!

    I own the FEAR FACTORY just outside Atlantic City, NJ that was due to open for this season but due to Union Labor issues were shut down. We have since got it rectified, albeit too late for this season, but are under full construction & plan to open in July 2013 for the summer tourist season. To all of you lucky enough to be open this year (I'm jealous ) good luck & wishing everyone a safe & successful season!


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    Sep 2009
    Indianapolis, In
    Maybe you should put something in your signature like....

    "Pickle, no relation to Pickel"

    "Pickle... probably not the one your thinking but the other one"

    "Pickle... I'm my own unique person"

    "Pickle... I'm not that Pickel or a Cylon"

    Anyone else have signature ideas for him?
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    Mar 2010
    "Pickle....not the Dill or the Leonard" :P

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    Mar 2012
    What about Peter Piper ...

    He picked a peck of pickle peppers...


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    Nov 2011
    ... after the 2 weeks I've had, this make me lol. Thank you.

    I agree, put something in there in your sig. Let people know that way.

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    Feb 2009
    Brilliant Ohio
    hahahahaha, Stew!!
    Like a midget at a urinal, you gotta be on your toes


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