We are in full gear here readying a load of new action ‘Walk-About’ props for TransWorld. These are some of the most exciting actor accessories that we’ve come up with so far. If you managed to visit us in our booth last year, you will undoubtedly remember our ‘Walk-About’ vendor trays. We sold several at the show, and many more throughout the summer. We will again be bringing a selection of our vendor trays to show, but with the addition of all the new items, we will not be able to bring a large stock with us. For that reason, I’m putting a blurb out here to let everyone know that if you want to pick up a specific item at the show, we are offering to reserve an item for you and we will make sure to have it at the show for pick-up. We will also offer them at show floor prices, plus you save the shipping. Your deposit will guarantee this savings, but you must order quickly. You can contact us at Ironman@theironkingdom.com and make sure you put: ‘TW pre-order’ in the subject line.