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View Poll Results: Do you want digital versions of haunt magazines?

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  • Yes! I only want digital versions of haunt magazines.

    8 9.41%
  • I want digital AND printed versions of haunt magazines

    19 22.35%
  • I only want printed versions of haunt magazines

    57 67.06%
  • I do not read haunt magazines

    1 1.18%

Thread: Do you want digital versions of haunt magazines?

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    Mar 2007
    Lafayette, Louisiana
    Sorry digital magazines are this forum. I would never read or pay for a digital magazine when I could have a print one.
    Lordgrimley.com for the very best items on the net.

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    Nov 2008
    Mesquite, TX
    "But don't you do YouTube tutorials every week? Shouldn't you of all people embrace online info as that's how you made your name from?"
    The info IS online, thats kinda the point. It seems like half (or more) of Hauntworld magazine now is provided pics and generic write ups of haunts. I can get most of that from their website (even the pics). So unless Hauntworld does a major format change then online wont do very well in my opinion, at least it wont appeal to me. It may appeal to you and I think you should have it. I never said it shouldnt be online, I am just not interested in that.
    Haunted houses are tactile by nature, you need to smell them, hear them, feel them. A magazine smells like the ink and paper its printed on, the quality of the paper has a feel to it. It exists. Its romantic, its nostalgic and it is worth preserving. That is my opinion-opinions cannot be wrong- but they can be changed. I am romantic by nature so that is unlikely. Your opinion is not wrong, just different than mine.
    Allen H

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    Nov 2008
    Mesquite, TX
    Expanding this same conversation- why make a haunted house at all? just make a movie of a haunted house!

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    Jan 2009
    WOW Allan just pulled out the big guns lol....I see both sides I agree nothing beats the original magazine and being able to receive it and read all the way through it. I'm a traditionalist as well but on the flip side.....I love the space saving aspect of digital and that's about all.....the fact that I can pull from over god knows how many mags in one source is awesome. As far as inspiration though nothing beats taking a couple of your favorite magazines or pictures and spreading them out across a large table to try and figure out where you're trying to take your project. Oh and Allan nothing beats the stimulation of a good haunted house and that's why a movie can never do this industry justice. Just my opinion though

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    Aug 2011
    Why don't you all just give this magazine a chance?
    HA mag was around long before hauntworld and its a new age. Who cares what the format is as long as its good for the industry?

    It gives the industry more balance since now it's pretty much hauntworld mag and this forum at least now there is and magazine it keeps things a little more balanced.

    Online or in hand, it deserves a chance and I'm sure many of the people complaining about it now will be trying to be included if it takes off.


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    Aug 2003
    St. Louis, MO
    Couple more things... doing write ups on haunted houses has been pretty much the showcase of any and all magazines in this industries history. What haunt goes on the cover, what haunt is getting featured... back then that was about the only way you'd learn about some haunted house outside your own market and it was a pretty big deal to be featured.

    I don't disagree totally with Allen that maybe its old school to feature haunts as the primary featured article for a magazine... but when you look at entertainment magazines its always one movie or two movies, or something. I don't think Allen or anyone else is tooling around the web trying to learn more info about some haunts ... the magazines brings them to your attention. However I wouldn't disagree that you can learn a lot of those details on line now... agreed. However the biggest thing we did that NO ONE else did was put the articles ONLINE as well so YOU CAN READ THEM FREE! No one did that but us... I have to admit even if it is bragging we've been copied a lot by other magazines and other haunt directories and more. We do something then someone copies us... either way I doubt any magazine would ever not do featured articles on haunts.

    Lastly let me say peel all the haunt stories away... you pay $45 dollars for a magazine mailed to your door. You pay hundreds of dollars to travel to seminars, then buy tickets to seminars and more than likely most of those seminars are terrible, old news, won't help your business, the guy doing them is a self promoter or doesn't know what he's talking about. I think the one thing I understand totally is if you are paying $45 dollars or $450 dollars or even 45 cents you should expect to learn something that helps your business NOW!

    If even one person who stand up here and say they don't learn something from our magazine then you know more than I do, or you simply just can't be helped. On the articles that don't feature haunted houses those articles are ORIGINAL content that can only be found in the magazine... not published online.

    Every article we have someone write or especially the ones I do are worth more than 90% of any seminar you've ever attended and I'll stake everything I own on that... that is what you should expect because that is what you pay for.

    One more thing I must say... I feel the information we talk about in the magazine is so valuable its worth 100 times what we charge because it can impact your business in a very positive way. I've actually been criticized from people telling me we're giving away too much...

    So there you have it!


    PS: Just for the record I could care less if 100 people started a magazine I've said that 2000 times... just don't care. I don't pay attention to that, to what new directory goes online, what new podcast comes online, what new blog appears, none of that matters to me so no I'm not going to give nothing a chance. Because in order for me to do what I do I need to focus on what I do because many of you pay me for the service... I only focus on WHAT I DO not what anyone else does. I do feel most of these things are stuff you shouldn't give much credence to because typically they are done for the wrong reasons. But if another magazine or blog, or podcast or whatever makes 10 million dollars I still won't care good for them. Again I'm only focused on what I do nothing else. I don't have time for anything else. And I have to say that I don't read any other magazine, I don't read anyones blogs I don't watch what people say on Facebook, and I don't go to shows and I don't and have never attended a seminar. I think for myself and always have. I learn from experience, talking with friends in the business and I have to admit I've probably learned MORE right here on these forums than anywhere else... the stuff people put up here is something worth reading every single day.

    When you have people like Allen out there willing to help, or people like Haunted Overload always sharing photos and video's those guys are hero's in my book and more haunts should try to be just like them!

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    May 2007
    Columbia, SC
    Quote Originally Posted by Valley_of_Screams View Post
    So...let me get this straight. The only reason Hauntworld won't be digital is because you FEEL that a hard copy that we can hold is worth more? I mean, the information is the same whether it be a digital or hard copy magazine, right? So the quality of the information provided isn't a sound argument. If your goal with Hauntworld is to improve business for haunt owners, then it's irrelevant if the magazine is digital or not because the content is the same.

    Personally, if given the OPTION...I'd do both. Want an example of a very successful magazine that offers both hardcopy and digital versions? Cinefex Magazine! This is a classic magazine that anybody who makes props, costumes or makeup should have. They have recently went digital and are selling a TON of new subscriptions.

    Your content options are also greater in a digital magazine. You'd have the opportunity to provide interactive content such as audio clips, videos, PDF's, etc. etc. Something you simply can't offer with the hard copy magazine.

    So, if the nostalgia of just being able to "hold" a hard copy magazine is the only reason (which it is the only reason, no matter what you argue) that Hauntworld is NOT digital, then it will fail. Just like the Microsoft Zune, Flip phones and CD's. Sorry...but I predict someday Hauntworld WILL indeed offer a digital version. Since it'd be no "extra" work, what's to lose.

    Just pointing out the facts.

    I couldn't agree more with Tyler!! "If your goal with Hauntworld is to improve business for haunt owners, then it's irrelevant if the magazine is digital or not because the content is the same." In comparison, you can buy a movie on vhs, dvd, blu-ray, netflix it, pirate it from the internet...if it's the director's original content, IT DOESN'T EFFIN MATTER WHAT FORMAT IT'S IN...it just comes down to user preference. Some people feel they NEED 1080p High-Def and crazy surround sound when DVD works fairly well. Going back to magazines, I for one love my hard copies as well because of the tangibility and collectors value, but this is "Merica" where people like choices!! HAHAHAHAHA. We don't NEED both, but we like having options...and the comparison to finding haunt content on the internet vs in a mag, blah blah blah, seems a bit irrelevant to a degree. Seems like its haunt propaganda rather than truly "what's best for the INDUSTRY". The only ones who can speak for the industry are the consumers or there would BE NO INDUSTRY. I could go on but like most recurring threads that eventually die back down, everyone will keep beating this dead horse...
    O'Shawn McClendon
    Creative Chair -- Operator: Cayce-West Columbia Hall of Horrors

    One mans junk is another mans kick-ass new prop...






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    Nov 2008
    Mesquite, TX
    For the record, I voted for both. because choice is nice.

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    Nov 2009
    I voted I don't read haunt magazines, you know I can't read. No the truth is my phat fingers hit the wrong tab. But I truly would prefer both due to my travel schedule, but I think it more enjoyable as a hard copy. Now it would be interesting to have a video magazine where you insert video in place of the pictures. It would open the possibilities for the advertiser and reader to have a more interactive part in the experience. The one thing I would like to see is more hard hitting stories in Hauntworld like editorials on industry issues, the next innovations coming to the haunt industry, and maybe some history and back ground of people in the industry. I thought last year on your Darkness VIP Tour when you gave a little history of where you and Jim had started it was really a good story that people should hear. Just a suggestion. Keep doing a great job I love Hauntworld magazine and I will read it no mater what media it is on.

  10. Default Get a magazine now that does both 
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    Mar 2009
    Life Member NRA. The paper magazine comes but lists online content to see. A digital magazine would be never read by myself....never see the ads.
    Did not read above comments.

    Wicked Farmer

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