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Thread: What an fool... Naked Haunted House Offered

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    Aug 2003
    St. Louis, MO

    Read my post up a bit... I deleted some of the more recent posts including my own. This is what I'm calling the NAKED NIGHTMARE! LOL

    I just did a massive interview with the AP and I'm going to focus on positive aspects of our industry like I always do... I'm totally offended by the the whole ordeal.

    now links from their website heck a url I donated to them has links to sites like that and they still haven't removed them shows a true lack of leadership... i don't feel we need these guys representing us falsely as I feel they do. I am so offended by them its beyond words... either way I'm going to again focus on positive.

    As for you getting attacked by someone people email me all the time and let me know about this stuff... I try to delete all that stuff. Next time report it to me. So in other words this thread is frozen ... taking advice and moving onto something more positive.


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    Jan 2007
    Well Larry, we certainly have been on different sides of the fence from time to time, lol, but I have to say I agree with your basic sentiment.

    While unique PR is certainly good, if we ever want to break out of the "carney" mentality and be treated as a legitimate industry- the key is professionalism-and this was flat out tacky.

    Ben hit the nail on the head.

    House of Shock's theme may be edgy...but it IS directly tied to Halloween and it doesn't potentially harm either the attendees or the actors. Highly doubt there are "demon predators"
    lurking around his show...but certainly rapists/pervs might just swing by a show that announces "we're gonna have naked females".

    Incredibly poor judgement should not go uncensored by a board that's supposed to be promoting legitimate haunts.

    Just my .02....
    Kathryn DeSautell
    Lafitte's Landing, Dark Shadows Entertainment

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