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Thread: Calling on Haunt Family Prayers, Thoughts & Positive Ene

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  1. Default Calling on Haunt Family Prayers, Thoughts & Positive Ene 
    Raycliff Manor Guest
    I'm waiting for a call to determine what time I can get my Mom admitted to the hospital in Fayetteville. A CT Scan revealed a large number of abnormalities on both of her lungs. She's only getting 57% oxygen right now. The doctor called last night and said he wants her admitted right away. His assistant is supposed to let us know this morning how soon we can admit her into the hospital. Please send out positive thoughts and healing energy in my Mom's direction. Her name is Shirley. Thanks!!!


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    Nov 2005
    Dallas, Georgia

    Positivie thoughts being sent your way....
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    Feb 2004
    Manitowoc Wisconsin www.nightmarefactoryhaunt.com
    Hoping God sheds his grace on you and your family.....
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    All of our best Kel, sending good energy your direction my friend.
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    Raycliff Manor Guest
    Thanks guys! Ron, I've been meaning to tell you that I've been keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. I know this year has been a tough one for you my friend and I hope you have been able to find comfort for the loss of your Dad. It's never easy no matter how much you think you are ready for it and you know it's coming. I think I may have posted this before, I've lost my Dad, my oldest Brother, my twin brother and a best friend. I've been blind-sided each time, even after I helped my twin brother pick out his casket, flowers, etc. There's something hard about saying good-bye to loved ones and knowing it'll be a long time passing before being able to be reunited. The good news is that with so many passed, we can be comforted in knowing they are in good company. :wink: I'm sending you a great big virtual hug Ron. You're an excellent guy and I know your Mom and Dad watch over you with great pleasure and tremendous pride!


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    Mar 2004

    Shirley and you are in my thoughts prayers.

    Blessings to you and yours.
    Virgil: Master Of The Ethermuse

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    Gee sounds all too familiar to me....

    My Grandmother was checked in 2 weeks ago, for being dehydrated and some other minor issues...she is 87.
    1 week later I get informed that you better get to the hospital.

    Dehydrated my #%@ her kidneys are working at 40%.....her heart is surrounded by water, she has a leaky valve, stress tears in her heart.
    She is slowly drowning........I visit and she seems like anyother 87 year old lady that isn't all there....she told me I was nuts for wanting to go to the bar then out to polka for a while (lol).

    I had actually faced the fact that she wasn't going to be here much longer.

    I got a call lastnight that they moved her to a regular room.....she was doing much better.

    Something is a little strange but I am not going to question it.

    May you have the same luck with your mom.

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    Aug 2005
    Cedarburg, WI
    You are in our prayers. Keep the faith and all is will be well.

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    Aug 2005
    Colorado Springs, CO
    Positive energy, thoughts & prayers to you. (((HUGS)))

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    Aug 2005
    Sacramento, CA
    I hope you get some good news about the hospital soon.

    My thoughts are with you guys.

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