One October I had a large group in my kitchen, lights on, and as I'm talking this one young man in a black leather jacket was staring at me , unblinking, unfriendly, then I began taking them into the next room and he had dissappeared!?
He got "sick" almost passed out, stumbled into a bunch of stuff by the exit, picked himself up, stumbled out the exit door, puked, fell onto a pile of scrap metal then others helped him to the car.
Later his friends who made the whole tour began begging me to give him a partial refund because he had only seen the first few minutes.
I saw an opportunity in this action.
I went and took three ones, poured phony blood over then and walked out and handed this sticky dripping gross looking pile to his outstretched hand coming from inside the car.
(Testing to see if he was grossed out by what I don't know?)
A huge smile crossed his face and you would think I had just handed him $1,ooo.oo!??
I guess he felt better.
Was he sick? Drunk? Scared?
Who knows, but he and his friends never forgot that refund!