I am 14,

I really really want to act in a professional haunted attraction, the thing is, No haunted attraction around my area (orange county, CA) hire people under 18.

I was wondering if i get a work permit from my school, and an entertainers permit from the State of California. If a haunted attraction would let me act and take part in their haunt.

I have a huge passion for this business, and i don't care how hard i have to work to achieve the certain goals needed to take part in a haunted attraction. I act very mature when it comes to this subject, i do not mess around and do exactly what everybody tells me to do. I have researched the hard work, long hours, and devotion needed to take part in these events. I'm going to train myself so i have the stamina for my age to take part in the event. I can not really explain how much i want this or how much i have a passion for this business.

So i am just looking for any advice or suggestions from people to help me get what i need to act in a professional haunted house. I am hoping that if people see how much of a passion i have, and how much work i will put into it, maybe they will hire me.

As for experience:

I have worked at a haunted house when i was 12.

I have worked at another haunted House when i was 13.

This halloween i had Designed/Built/Acted in my very own haunted house. I am happy to say that my haunted house was pretty successful. I am happy that all the time i had devoted to designing it, drawing out plans, buying wood and measuring everything, and to build the thing. AND, act in it, i think it was VERY worth it.

I have also taken drama classes at my school to learn more about acting.

Thank you for listening,